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Consul and External Services
へー、Consul ESM よさそう。
consul  monitoring 
yesterday by summerwind
heroku/ehmon: Heroku Erlang VM Monitoring library
Ehmon - Heroku's basic VM stats monitor. Example Output: ehmon_report rq=0 cswit=1507 otp=R15B01 procs=30 maxprocs=32768 ports=4 maxports=1024 maxfds=256 etstabs=16 maxetstabs=1400 memtot=7598992 memproc=1045782 memets=285408 membin=183680 memcode=3691241
erlang  devops  health  monitoring 
yesterday by dlkinney
Apache Airflow
Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows.
apache  workflow  monitoring  schedule 
2 days ago by sschank

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