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Fearless Monolith to Microservices Migration - A guided journey | Dynatrace blog
This article is part of the blog series "Fearless Monolith to Microservices Migration" written by Johannes Bräuer and Jürgen Etzlstorfer. This section
johannes_brauer  jurgen_etzlstorfer  microservices  api_design  monolith  restapinotes 
7 weeks ago by mreinbold
How to break a Monolith into Microservices
"As monolithic systems become too large to deal with, many enterprises are drawn to breaking them down into the microservices architectural style. It is a worthwhile journey, but not an easy one. We've learned that to do this well, we need to start with a simple service, but then draw out services that are based on vertical capabilities that are important to the business and subject to frequent change. These services should be large at first and preferably not dependent upon the remaining monolith. We should ensure that each step of migration represents an atomic improvement to the overall architecture."
microservice  monolith  architecture  clevermarks 
9 weeks ago by nhoizey
Goodbye Microservices: From 100s of problem children to 1 superstar · Segment Blog
Segment is the analytics API you've always wanted. It's the easiest way to install all of your favorite analytics tools at once!
monolith  microservice  architecture  microservices  monorepo 
10 weeks ago by tekbuddha

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