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Monorepos: Please don’t | Hacker News
My advice is that if components need to release together, then they ought to be in the same repo. I'd probably go further and say that if you just think components might need to release together then they should go in the same repo, because you can in fact pretty easily manage projects with different release schedules from the same repo if you really need to.
On the other hand if you've got a whole bunch of components in different repos which need to release together it suddenly beco...
12 days ago by yehosef
You too can love the MonoRepo – Alex Eagle – Medium
You too can love the MonoRepo. I’ve worked at Google for 9 years now, and I accept the monorepo as a way of life. You can read more about how Google does source control…
23 days ago by lucapette
Rush makes life easier for JavaScript developers who build and publish many packages from a common Git repo. If you're looking to break up your giant application into smaller pieces, and you already realized why it doesn't work to put each package in a separate repo... then Rush is for you!
monorepo  git  javascript  npm  Node.js  package  package_manager 
26 days ago by the_karel

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