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Certain Lending - Certain Lending - Investor Financing
Certain Lending is the first mortgage platform for real estate investors. These small businesses are a $7 trillion segment of the U.S. housing market, but they are shockingly underserved by modern financial products and technology. We connect real estate investors to competitive financing options and ensure timely access to mortgage capital through an online lending experience, high-touch client engagement, and institutional-grade advice. Today, we partner with premier lenders, banks, and funds to serve some of the most active investors in single family, multifamily, and commercial real estate. We are just getting started and believe that every aspect of real estate investing can be improved with software.
13 days ago by samhuleatt
Own Your Home | Landis
Work with an agent to find the house of your dreams. We buy it, you rent it while you work toward ownership.
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13 days ago by samhuleatt
Usury savings clause does not validate Usurious contract under Rhode Island law
As a result of the Court’s decision, loan
documents that impose an interest rate in excess of 21
percent per annum and do not fall within a statutory
exception are usurious and void as a matter of law,
regardless of whether they contain a usury savings
clause. Id. at 8. When a usurious loan document is
declared void, the borrower is entitled to recover all
amounts paid on the loan. Id.1 A lender has no right to collect either principal or interest on a usurious loan.
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7 weeks ago by Chirael
Radical Housing Journal
"The first issue of the Radical Housing Journal focuses on practices and theories of organizing as connected to post-2008 housing struggles. As 2008 was the dawn of the subprime mortgage and financial crisis, and as the RHJ coalesced ten years later in its aftermath, we found this framing apropos. The 2008 crisis was, after all, a global event, constitutive of new routes and formations of global capital that in turn impacted cities, suburbs, and rural spaces alike in highly uneven, though often detrimental, ways. Attentive to this, we hoped to think through its globality and translocality by foregrounding “post-2008” as field of inquiry. What new modes of knowledge pertinent to the task of housing justice organizing could be gained by thinking 2008 through an array of geographies, producing new geographies of theory?"
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11 weeks ago by robertogreco
RIGL 34-27-4 - Publication of notice under power of sale and rights of active military servicemembers.
mortgage shall provide for the giving of notice of the sale by publication in some public newspaper at least once a week for three (3) successive weeks before the sale, the first publication of the notice shall be at least twenty-one (21) days before the day of sale, including the day of the first publication in the computation, and the third publication of the notice shall be no fewer than seven (7) days before the original date of sale listed in the advertisement, including the day of the third publication in the computation, and no more than fourteen (14) days before the original date of sale listed in the advertisement. The sale may take place no more than fourteen (14) days from the date on which the third successive notice is published, excluding the day of the third publication in the computation.
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february 2019 by Chirael
Mortgages 30-89 days delinquent | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
The 30-89 mortgage delinquency rate is a measure of early stage delinquencies and can be an early indicator of the mortgage market's overall health. It captures borrowers that have missed one or two payments.

These interactive charts show the percentage of mortgages 30–89 days delinquent in the U.S. based on a 5 percent sample of residential mortgages since January 2008.
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february 2019 by Chirael

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