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Create Pack by AlohaFX | VideoHive
Buy Create Pack by AlohaFX on VideoHive. Create Pack for After Effects is the biggest elements Pack in the entire market. There are more than 3,600 elements ...
after-effects  elements  pack  Motion  motiondesign  #stio 
2 days ago by dholland
3D kinematics using dual quaternions: theory and applications in neuroscience
The goal of this paper is to provide a tutorial of the dual quaternion geometric algebra to the neuroscientists and then to show its interests and advantages to several applications in sensorimotor control. First, we summarize the theory necessary to introduce the different applications. The different dual quaternion operations are described and we also provide our MATLAB implementation of these operations in supplementary materials for the potential interested reader. Then we describe several applications using the dual quaternion formalism.
quaternions  motion 
5 days ago by euler
Framer - Introducing Framer Motion
Framer Motion is a new open source, production-ready motion library for React on the web.
animation  interaction  javascript  library  react  motion 
6 days ago by archmind
Forskning: Veltrænede muskler beskytter mod depression | Naturvidenskab | DR
Museforsøg viser, at træning gør muskler i stand til at rense blodet for stoffer, der øger risikoen for stress og depression.
depression  stress  motion  kynurenin  PGC-1a1 
10 days ago by calandra
Different Approaches for Creating a Staggered Animation | CSS-Tricks
Animating elements, at its most basic, is fairly straightforward. Define the keyframes. Name the animation. Call it on an element.

But sometimes we need something a little more complex to get the right “feel" for the way things move. For example, a sound equalizer might use the same animation on each bar, but they are staggered to give the illusion of being animated independently.
animation  motion  css  design  ux 
11 days ago by Shoord

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