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Public Domain Manifesto
this is a good example of how to do a manifesto-like design.
See the orgs/individuals listing page.
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20 days ago by edsonm
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An update on the "Whales of the Deep proje…
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november 2018 by mulkey
Only religion could have inspired the beauties of Venice
Plough Quarterly is the inspired production of the Bruderhof movement, an international community of 23 settlements, comprising families and single people, who “seek to follow Jesus in the spirit of the Sermon on the Mount”. Following the first church in Jerusalem described in Acts, they renounce all private property and share everything in lives of nonviolence and Christian service. One might describe them as radical evangelical Christians.Historically known as Anabaptists and persecuted in the 16th century, the modern Bruderhof movement was founded in the early 20th century under the guidance of Eberhard Arnold (1883-1935), a German theologian who rejected both Marxist socialism and the nationalistic individualism of western societies.Plough Quarterly is part of the Bruderhof’s outreach. It is a superb mixture of articles, poetry, stories, reviews and artwork: paintings, drawings, woodcuts photography – indeed, whatever is seen as reflecting the transcendent beauty, truth and goodness of God. I have always found the magazine truly ecumenical: not diluting its own Christian witness into expressions of polite mutual goodwill, but receptive to contributions from other faiths, notably including Catholics.A recent issue, published in autumn 2018, dedicated to the theme of “The Art of Community” includes an article by writer and philosopher Sir Roger Scruton, author of more than 50 books on aesthetics, politics and philosophy, which is entitled “The Beauty of Belonging”. As well as being a clear thinker, Scruton is a beautiful prose stylist, reminding one of the pleasures of good writing. “Consider Venice.”more than the great basilicas or the Doge’s Palace, one is moved by “the ordinary doorways on the backwater canals, the marble-lipped bridges across them, the shrines and niches that punctuate the walls, the sense all about you of a meticulous but effortless aesthetic order, in which all the residents have willingly collaborated over centuries, so as to make their city, planted against the odds in the swamps of the Adriatic, the greatest shared space that has ever been made.. this abundant flower of aesthetic endeavour.. if we want to build settlements we should heed the lesson of Venice. We should begin with an act of consecration, since we thereby put down the real roots of a community.”
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november 2018 by thomas.kochi
What Is the Meaning Behind a Dog's Tail Movements 'stail
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february 2018 by stevechic

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