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CtrlMovie Home - CtrlMovie
CtrlMovie is a novel interactive movie format. It gives filmmakers the tools to tell multi-optional stories in a truly cinematic way. The audience gets to make decisions on behalf of the main character and is thrilled to see the consequences of their choices unfold on screen seamlessly without a noticeable gap or edit.
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36 minutes ago by basemaly
Joe Walker on editing Blade Runner 2049 | Art of the Guillotine
She tells a story about her parents having passes in pocket to Off-world and you know, [she said] "They had a choice between Off-world and me, and they chose me." It's a line like that. And it fits together with the orphanage story, but she remembers the orphanage and she talks about how, "I was used to crowds," and I always think that's kind of like a bitter, a slightly bitter taste to that kind of comment she makes. That, you know, on reflection, you can go back and say, "Yeah, she was horribly bullied by a load of bald-headed kids in an orphanage." I don't know. I always felt there was kind of she had ... she was the kind of instigator of the story and I think the film opens... I mean, I think I've ... You'd have to ask Denis and the writers and everybody else, but my personal theory is the eye at the beginning of the film is Anna's eye. So, in a way, it's, um ... (laughs)

1 hour ago by maoxian
'Deadpool 2' screenwriters have never heard of the 'fridged girlfriend' trope
Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wrote the most pop-culture-savvy superhero movie in Hollywood, yet somehow, they've never heard of the most famous sexist trope in comics.
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5 hours ago by darren_n
Ana de Armas - Wikipedia
Ana Celia de Armas Caso (born 30 April 1988) is a Cuban actress.

yesterday by maoxian
As You Wish: Everything You Wanted to Know From BTS of 'The Princess Bride'
The first day of shooting was memorable for all involved, but especially star Cary Elwes and writer William Goldman, who was on set at the invitation of Reiner. Elwes' duties that day included, he was told beforehand, some "pretty basic stuff," which turned out to be not only the revelation of his identity as the Dread Pirate Roberts, but carrying Robin Wright's Princess through the swamp and "then," said Reiner, after all this was accomplished, "all you have to do is save Robin from the fire." 
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yesterday by programmedradly
What’s Happening to ‘Queer’ Cinema?
Rolling my eyes a bit, but bookmarking for the recommendations
queer  movies 
yesterday by shusta
Film Review: RBG Examines the Complex, Inspiring Woman Behind All the Memes | Consequence of Sound
A comprehensive but surface-level doc about the beloved Supreme Court Justice
With her “Notorious RBG” nickname branded on coffee mugs, t-shirts, biographies, and even “dissent collar” necklaces, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sometimes feels as much like a meme as a person. Especially in recent years, her strongly worded dissenting opinions have led her to become a sort of “yaaas Queen!” icon for a younger generation desperate for socially conscious heroes with a certain social media-friendly swagger.
Kate McKinnon’s hilarious SNL impression helped cement that legacy, but when filmmakers Julie Cohen and Betsy West show Ginsburg the sketch for their new documentary RBG, she agrees it’s “marvelously funny” but also nothing like her. The real Ginsburg is no less heroic, but certainly more complicated than her social media iconography suggests. And RBG digs into those complexities by charting Ginsburg’s impressive biography via high-profile talking head interviews (Bill Clinton, Gloria Steinem, and Ginsburg herself to name a few) and an impressive amount of archival footage and audio pulled from Ginsburg’s lengthy legal career.
movies  documentary  women  SCOTUS  legal  politics  gov2.0  trailer 
yesterday by rgl7194
0DAYROX ► Melodic Rock, AOR, Hard Rock, Prog, Classic Rock news: HEAVY METAL - Music From The Motion Picture [Vinyl LP reissue] (2017)
After many requests, here's in exclusive the legendary "HEAVY METAL : Music From The Motion Picture", in its 2-LP recent release. This is part of the Rhino Records 'Rocktober' series, an annual campaign featuring limited edition vinyl releases of classic albums, issued in October, 2017.
The 2-LP release is only available in the U.S. and Canada.

'Heavy Metal' is a 1981 Canadian-American adult animated sci-fi-fantasy film based in the Heavy Metal Magazine, which was the basis for the film. Like the magazine, the film features a great deal of graphic violence, sexuality, and nudity, censored at various countries.
The movie soundtrack features songs inspired by the story, but most the artists involved aren't musically 'heavy metal' at all. The term is used here into other context.
music  movies  heavy_metal  80s  download 
yesterday by rgl7194
gSubs - Finds you the perfect subtitle match
A desktop app that finds you the perfect subtitle match for your videos. Simply download now and drag and drop videos to get started.
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yesterday by liqweed
Watch New Trailer For Mission: Impossible – Fallout | Movie News | Consequence of Sound
Ethan Hunt returns for his most critical mission ever this summer
The first trailer for Mission: Impossible — Fallout focused on the tensions of the story, with Ethan Hunt (the agelessly invincible Tom Cruise) facing the consequences of his years of good intentions while his team — and the world — are at greater risk than ever. The newest preview of the film, however, is all about big action scenes and stunts.
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yesterday by rgl7194

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