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How to change the interface language in Mozilla Firefox | Digital Citizen
If your browser of choice is Mozilla Firefox and you do not know how to change its user interface language, then you should read this guide. We show you two ways to get Firefox working in any language that you want.
mozilla  firefox  language  l10n  howto  article  digitalcitizen 
4 days ago by aeng
Goodbye, EdgeHTML - The Mozilla Blog
Microsoft is officially giving up on an independent shared platform for the internet. By adopting Chromium, Microsoft hands over control of even more of online life to Google. This may ...
tech  web  microsoft  chrome  google  mozilla  firefox 
4 days ago by onefewercar
The Dataset Nutrition Label Project | Open Leaders 6
The Dataset Nutrition Label Project empowers data scientists and policymakers with practical tools to improve AI outcomes I interviewed Open Leaders 6 participant Kasia Chmielenski to learn more…
dataset  netpolicynotes  mozilla  chad_sansing  kasia_chmielinski  policy 
6 days ago by mreinbold
Firefox, DRM, and the end of NPAPI - gHacks Tech News
The article provides you with information on the definitive end of NPAPI support in Firefox, and the integration of DRM in the browser.
drm  firefox  mozilla  copyright 
6 days ago by AstroBadger
Reconciling Mozilla's Mission and W3C EME - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
May 19 Update: We've added an FAQ below the text of the original post to address some of the questions and comments Mozilla has received regarding EME. With most competing ...
mozilla  privacy  drm  firefox  EME  adobe  browser  web  copyright 
6 days ago by AstroBadger
Support for ESP32, WebThing API and PlatformIO-style projects.
ESP8266 has been the first board we've been implementing code generation modules for. It can be programmed using Espressifs own ESP-IDF framework, or the Arduino Framework - which makes it really easy to get started quickly. Luckily there's me-no-dev/ESPAsyncWebServer, and the main README speaks about the reason why it's better suited for the task, e.g. because of speed, asynchronous processing, more functionality etc. This device can be connected to Mozilla's Things Gateway as-is. Starting from gateway version 0.4, the gateway allows for adding devices by IP address, so adding makes the LED accessible to the gateway.
mozilla  iot  arduino  esp32  webserver 
7 days ago by cyberchucktx
jwz: Mozilla mourns Microsoft
«Because we live in the Stupidest Timeline, Mozilla find themselves needing to point out that MICROS~1 leaving the web browser market is bad for the web.»
jwz  mozilla  microsoft  browser  web  webdev  fuck-everything 
8 days ago by brennen

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