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The answer to latency pops and clicks, improve latencies M.S.I. (Page 1) — Tips & Tricks — RME User Forum
The answer to latency pops and clicks, improve latencies M.S.I. (Page 1) — Tips & Tricks — RME User Forum —
Windows_10  MSI  Interrupts 
19 days ago by ckolbeg42
Show devices by their IRQ & how to avoid IRQ sharing in Windows
Guide on how to view devices by IRQ and how to avoid IRQ sharing between them.
Windows_10  MSI  Interrupts 
19 days ago by ckolbeg42
Service-to-service authentication to Azure Key Vault using .NET | Microsoft Docs
Use the Microsoft.Azure.Services.AppAuthentication library to authenticate to Azure Key Vault using .NET.
msi  aad  authn  azure  cloud  microsoft 
8 weeks ago by geekzter
Tom's Hardware: MSI: Not Every AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT Can Handle 14 Gbps Memory
In MSI's case, its RX 5600 XT Gaming and RX 5600 XT Mech is not getting the vBIOS treatment. Their clock speeds will remain the same as previously announced. The Gaming X, Mech OC and Gaming Z variants, on the other hand, will enjoy the improved clock speeds. 

The MSI execs confirmed that the first batch of the RX 5600 XT was probably already en route if not already in retailers' hands upon the vBIOS release. Those might require the vBIOS update, but future products should already come with the latest vBIOS.
graphics  msi  gadgetluv 
9 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Authenticate with managed identity - Azure Container Registry | Microsoft Docs
Provide access to images in your private container registry by using a user-assigned or system-assigned managed Azure identity.
azure  authz  security  cloud  containers  microsoft  msi 
9 weeks ago by geekzter
Free Windows Installer - MSI Installer Tool
Advanced Installer is a Windows installer authoring tool for
installing, updating, and configuring your products safely, securely, and
wix  msi  msix  installer  package  generator  ide  gui  windows 
november 2019 by gilberto5757
SharePoint Server 2016 : prerequisitesinstaller.exe Error install Microsoft ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server (LINK DEAD)

error code 0x80072F07 indicates that you received a redirection request that would change a non-secure (HTTP) connection a secure (HTTPS) connection. This happens because the FWLink used by the SharePoint prerequisite installer is an HTTP link that then redirects to an HTTPS link to download the ODBC Driver 11 for Windows installer.

You should only get that error if Internet Explorer is configured to warn the user when changing between non-secure and secure connections. Within Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Security and look for the "Warn if changing between secure and non secure mode" setting at the bottom of the form. If that setting is checked, uncheck it and save the change. Then try running the SharePoint prerequisite installer again.
msi  wix  internet  download 
august 2019 by mcpride
RT : Blogged - Passwordless last-mile security with Azure API Management!
MSi  from twitter_favs
july 2019 by
MSI X470 Motherboard Overclocking
How to overclock your MSI Motherboard.
MSI  x470 
july 2019 by dscassa

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