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Lost Souls MUD - a free text-based medieval fantasy online RPG
Pretty sure this is the one I played with my old friend Alec, way back in the day.
october 2018 by bitprophet
habitat alive again on github
muds  games 
june 2017 by arnicas
The Digital Antiquarian
Well-written blog about the history of IF, Infocom, etc, going all the way back to the original ADVENTURE and friends.
muds  interactivefiction  games  essays  history 
august 2016 by bitprophet
Brief Bibliography about IF History | Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
Excellent host of links to interactive fiction histories & other scholarly bits.
muds  games  essays  writing 
august 2016 by bitprophet
West of House | MetaFilter
Decent MF discussion on interactive fiction & related genres.
muds  games  essays 
april 2016 by bitprophet

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