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Multitasking is a Myth: The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Done (By Doing Less)
As the workplace gets busier, the ability to sit and focus for an extended period of time will become one of the most sought-after skills of any employee.
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5 weeks ago by oldtowneast
iPad Multitasking Fix for iPadOS 14 (iOS 14) - YouTube
This is a very good solution. Though the proposed solutions work more like Windows than iPad OS
iPadOS  multitasking  usability 
9 weeks ago by echristiansen
Homework assignment • Birchtree
Matt Birchler:
<p>If you work somewhere with people on computers much of the day, tomorrow take note of how many people use more than one window on screen at a time. Note that <strong>this is a per monitor thing</strong>, so no credit if they have one app on each screen. If they have one app on screen but it's not taking up the full page, I'd count that the same, but use your discretion there on how you count it.

<a href="">Let me know on Twitter</a> what the proportion is of full screeners verses tiled windows folks.

Context: I want to hear how people around you use their computers. There has been a hubbub this week about multitasking and in my experience, almost no one uses multiple windows on screen at a time. Even very smart developers who are keenly aware of how computers work will slam any app they’re using into full screen immediately after opening it.

This is true of my wife, my friends, and my co-workers at my three most recent jobs. I’ve been the weirdo who has four apps up across two monitors!</p>

Personally: tons of windows. Gazillions of tabs in Safari. Multiple apps.

(I think the reason he's asking is because of discussion about iPad multitasking, but could be wrong.)
multitasking  windows 
9 weeks ago by charlesarthur
88% of Americans use a second screen while watching TV. Why? | Ars Technica
Second screens and the sickness unto death.
When it comes to tech, I like to think I'm a pretty hoopy frood. I added the System Tuner UI to my Android phone's settings. I've crimped my own ethernet cables. I got Wing Commander III running, back when that required the dark arts of HIMEM.SYS tweaking. What I'm trying to say is: I am with it!
Except when it comes to staring at screens while staring at other screens. I just don't suss it. But apparently 88 percent of Americans do.
One of the little info-nuggets that has been ricocheting around my brain this year came from Mary Meeker's annual "Internet Trends" report. Meeker, a venture capitalist with Bond Capital, presented her research at the Code Conference back in June, amid the heat of the Arizona desert. Her presentation was, as usual, a massive (300+ slides!) data dump of interesting information on all things Internet, but the item that most intrigued me was right there in the lower-left corner of slide 38.
According to data from Nielsen, the TV metrics company, 88 percent of Americans "use a second digital device while watching TV." Seventy-one percent of Americans "look up content related to content they are watching," while 41 percent of Americans are busy messaging "friends/family about content they are watching."
Can this possibly be true? And can it be good for us?
technology  tv  smartphone  ipad  multitasking 
december 2019 by rgl7194
Asynchronous programming. Cooperative multitasking
In this post, we will be talking about cooperative multitasking as the concept and its implementation using callbacks and green threads
asynchronous  programming  cooperative  multitasking  greenthread 
october 2019 by gilberto5757

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