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It’s a Funhouse for Selfies, But Is It a Museum? (CityLab, 10/16/2019)
The bustling industry of immersive, Instagram-friendly experiences has put a new spin on the word museum.
museum  museumoficecream  experium  instagram  museums  selfies 
yesterday by davidkoren
Frontpage | ZKM
The ZKM Karlsruhe is a worldwide unique cultural institution – Visit us and experience manifold exhibitions and events about media art!
videogame  museums  germany 
6 days ago by SteveLambert
L’inquietante Museo dell’Alchimia e della Magia a Praga
Praga è una città bellissima, piena di luoghi esoterici, ma se decidete di andare al centro della questione, allora potete visitare il Museo dell’Alchimia e della Magia della Vecchia Praga (Muzeum alchymistů a mágů staré Prahy). È un luogo pensato per i turisti, in cui coesistono oggetti appartenuti ai personaggi che l’Imperatore Rodolfo II invitava a corte. Egli era un personaggio solitario e incline alla depressione, ma anche ossessionato dalla brama di sapere e pronto a tutto per comprendere i segreti della natura e le leggi che la regolano.
Magic  Witchcraft  Museums  Prague  Witches  History 
11 days ago by dbourn
RT : Dear , , and twitter: Looking for articles, books, case studies, etc. about best practice…
Museums  Archives  Library  from twitter
17 days ago by LibrariesVal
Dark Tourism: Are These The World’s Most Macabre Tourist Attractions?
Dark tourism is generally defined as tourism involving travel to places historically associated with death and tragedy. It’s an interesting, somewhat macabre idea and as such its definition has recently been expanded upon to include the reasons people may want to visit a site beyond its gruesome appeal – namely its historical value rather than associations with death and suffering.Whatever the reasoning behind it, dark tourism is on the up. And shows like the recent smash hit Chernobyl have only heightened people’s focus on visiting places with a grisly appeal. In particular, Pripyat in the Ukraine - the hometown of Chernobyl - is on track to become 2019’s surprise hit tourism destination.
tourism  museums 
21 days ago by thomas.kochi
Open Space
Open Space is a hybrid, interdisciplinary publishing platform for artists, writers, et al.
museums  art  publishing 
22 days ago by crankin
British Museum knocks Tate Modern off top spot as UK's most popular attraction after miscalculation
Tate Modern recently appeared to knock the British Museum (BM) off its perch as the UK’s most popular visitor attraction, but The Art Newspaper can report that this was based on incorrect figures. The BM has now revised its 2018/19 data upwards, citing an earlier fault in the automated counting system for visitors. The government’s culture department has accepted the BM’s updated figures, pushing Tate Modern into second place.


A BM spokeswoman explains that “the electronic counting system at the main entrance was undercounting because of incorrect light levels caused by a broken light fitting.” This meant that the camera device which counts visitors was failing to detect them all. The problem was only noticed during a very busy period after Christmas when recorded numbers were significantly lower than expected.
art  culture  museums 
23 days ago by terry
The Inclusive Historian
This dynamic reference source supports inclusive and equity-focused historical work in public settings by sharing a knowledge base that invites more people to engage in history projects. This handbook provides concrete examples of how to make history work more relevant. It centers on equity, inclusivity, diversity, and public service while offering accessible windows into the many ways public historians work.
Public  History  Queer  Race  Museums 
24 days ago by dbourn
Painting Over the Dirty Truth (The New Republic, 9/23/2019)
The rich fund museums to launder their reputations. Museums exploit identity politics to distract from the shady money funding them. In the art world, it’s all just business as usual.
museums  wealth  patronage  sackler  sopranos  art  culture 
25 days ago by davidkoren
Leonardo and Raphael art swap marks end of France-Italy spat
Italy and France are set to sign an agreement to exchange works by Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, burying a spat triggered by Italy’s former populist government.

The deal is expected to be signed in Paris on Tuesday by the recently reappointed Italian culture minister, Dario Franceschini, and his French counterpart, Franck Riester. It will result in Italian museums lending works by Leonardo to the Louvre, in Paris, for an exhibition in October to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death. In return, France will lend Italy paintings by Raphael for events marking 500 years since his death next year.
Paris  Roma  Italy  France  Art  Museums  Paintings  Drawings 
26 days ago by dbourn

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