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Music - Vortex Based Math
Thought it would be a good idea to have a discussion we can fill with pertinent musical knowledge. To kick the thread off, here is a link to an article entitle…
dblooper  music 
6 hours ago by colindocherty
Acquiring absolute pitch in adulthood is difficult but possible | bioRxiv
Absolute pitch (AP) refers to the rare ability to name the pitch of a tone without external reference. It is widely believed that acquiring AP in adulthood is impossible, since AP is only for the selected few with rare genetic makeup and early musical training. In three experiments, we trained adults to name pitches for 12 to 40 hours. Within the training period, 14% of the participants were able to name twelve pitches at 90% accuracy or above, a performance level comparable with typical AP possessors. At the group level, performance enhancement, learning generalization and sustainability were observed as in typical perceptual learning studies. The findings suggest that AP continues to be learnable in adulthood. The genesis of AP may be better explained by the amount and type of perc
hearing  pitch  music  audio  sound 
9 hours ago by danbri
Coolaudio Semiconductors
They make reissues of old music chips and stuff.
audio  electronics  shopping  music  chips  manufacturer 
10 hours ago by squishyrobot

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