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Tempos in order from slowest to fastest | MuseScore
Grave - Very Slow
Largo, Lento - Slow
Larghetto - A little faster than Largo
Adagio - Moderately Slow
Andante - "Walking" Tempo
Andantino - A little faster than Andante
Allegretto - A little slower than Allegro
Allegro - Fast
Vivace - Lively
Presto - Very Fast
Prestissimo - Very Very Fast
Moderato - Moderate(ly)
Molto - Very
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1 hour ago by kbrobeck C64 and Amiga Music Remix Community
Commodore c64 and Amiga music, remade and remixed! Join our friendly community, and enter a world where the brilliant music from your games and demos is not forgotten.
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8 hours ago by gilberto5757

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