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Musk is talking about the OSI layer 1 and layer 2 of the satellite network, whic... | Hacker News
O3B is intended to replace high cost Ku and C-band transponder capacity for telecoms and ISPs that are in a place economically impossible to reach with PTP microwave or fiber. The smallest terrestrial o3b terminal is a pair of 1.8 meter motorized tracking antennas semi-permanently installed on concrete pads
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10 days ago by yorksranter
A style guide for writing about the rich – Donald Borenstein – Medium
HOW TO WRITE ABOUT THE RICH Do not broadly attribute a company’s work to their owner/CEO. It is always relevant to note how people have accumulated wealth, and who they have harmed to do so. Never omit it. Be skeptical and don’t just publish a wealthy person’s claims or without doing due diligence or offering a critical corollary. Don’t trip over yourself to humanize a rich person and make them look good — you’re a journalist, not a PR person. Don’t let it all be about them. It’s not fucking news if a rich person likes Rick and Morty or whatever. If you’re writing from a place of personal perspective, you should write about them with the same bilious contempt they have for human life.
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4 weeks ago by djdork

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