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is a modern console-based email client developed for GNU/Linux, supporting operations upon local Maildir hierarchies and remote IMAP mail-servers.
emailclient  mutt  txt  cli  lua  scripting  imap  maildir  email 
8 days ago by der_dennis
Simpler GnuPG & Mutt configuration with GPGME
GPGME provides a standardised API for applications to use instead of all the esoteric manual config. The official intro has this to say:

Because the direct use of GnuPG from an application can be a complicated programming task, it is suggested that all software should try to use GPGME instead. This way bug fixes or improvements can be done at a central place and every application benefits from this.
mutt  gpg  gpgme 
22 days ago by pbbm2017
By lucky accident, I found the second supported method using gpgme that is much easier to set up and use, and does support multiple secret keys, but lacks documentation.
mutt  s/mime  gpgme 
5 weeks ago by pbbm2017

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