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Mutt and Fastmail on OSX – Tristan Collins
After a month of experimenting, I think I’ve found the optimal settings for using Mutt with Fastmail. My abbreviated .muttrc file below has been heavily influenced by hours of googling and tinkering.
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9 days ago by fubsymojo
Emailing (mutt) and vim advanced config
Here are some tips you might like for advanced emailing with vim. I use mutt as my email client, but these tips should be mostly applicable to any other email client you might use.

First, let's talk about format flowed text. Perhaps you believe so strongly in 72 character width emails that you tend to enforce this philosophy on everyone you email. If you are a more reasonable person, you prefer 72 characters for writing and in some circumstances reading, but certainly not while reading on a phone, for example. The solution to this is format flow text.
mutt  vim 
25 days ago by dusko

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