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Tech Junkie Blog - Real World Tutorials, Happy Coding!: End-to-End ASP.NET MVC : Create an ASP.NET MVC Empty Project
A lot of people think that you can only create one kind of ASP.NET MVC project, the one with the sample application. But the reality is that you can create an Empty ASP.NET MVC, you just need to do more work. However, it is cleaner and you can add what you need, instead of having everything in place already like the default template. So you might run into more errors with the empty project, but I think you will learn more about MVC than if you just have the default template. Plus it's more streamline. I always start with an empty project on my MVC projects. In order to follow this tutorial you must have Visual Studio 2017 installed.  mvc 
10 days ago by andyhuey
OmniSharp AspNet Project Template
A collection of Yeoman scaffolded web / console/ class library / unit test projects using ASP.NET Core. Optionally also using MVC, WebAPI, Nancy, MS Test, Xunit, C#, F#, bootstrap, semantic.  mvc 
10 days ago by andyhuey
How To Create New Asp.Net MVC 5 Site From Empty Template
In this tutorial we will learn How To Create New Asp.Net MVC 5 Site From Empty Template. We will start to create a new MVC 5 site from scratch with empty template. Here we are using Visual Studio 2013 so some controls differ in another version of Visual Studio.  mvc 
11 days ago by andyhuey
How to automatically validate a model with MVC filter and Fluent Validation package
The most elegant way to validate view models using ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core 2.0
validation  mvc  core 
16 days ago by alderlocke

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