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Das Hackathon-Problem
"Hackathon" ist ein Name, der Menschen abschrecken, die sich nicht als Hacker sehen oder nicht kompetitiv sind
names  society  culture  lang:de  gender 
2 days ago by archangel
Differencee between street, road, avenue, boulevard, court, or lane for naming roadways
Road (Rd.): Can be anything that connects two points. The most basic of the naming conventions.

Way: A small side street off a road.

Street (St.): A public way that has buildings on both sides of it. They run perpendicular to avenues.

Avenue (Ave.): Also a public way that has buildings or trees on either side of it. They run perpendicular to streets.

Boulevard (Blvd.): A very wide city street that has trees and vegetation on both sides of it. There's also usually a median in the middle of boulevards.

Lane (Ln.): A narrow road often found in a rural area. Basically, the opposite of a boulevard.

Drive (Dr.): A long, winding road that has its route shaped by its environment, like a nearby lake or mountain.

Terrace (Ter.): A street that follows the top of a slope.

Place (Pl.): A road or street that has no throughway — or leads to a dead end.

Court (Ct.): A road or street that ends in a circle or loop.
USA  street  alternative  names 
3 days ago by dandv
Statement on Spacegodzilla
Collectable card games are SRS BSNS
COVID19  magic  names 
5 days ago by swampers
Getty Vocabularies (Getty Research Institute)
The Getty Vocabularies contain structured terminology for art, architecture, decorative arts, and material culture.
ControlledVocabulary  classification  standards  thesaurus  thesauri  controlledvocabularies  names  ontology 
8 days ago by onefewercar
Popular Baby Names
From the Social Security Administration
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16 days ago by oripsolob

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