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How Zero Trust, Service Meshes and Role-Based Access Control Can Prevent a Cloud-Based Security Mess
"“All data breaches are the exploitation of the old broken trust model. And almost all cybersecurity incidents exploit the trust model as well,” said John Kindervag, founder of the Zero Trust Model and field Chief Technology Officer at Palo Alto Networks.

The Trust Model is the perimeter-centric approach to security. Bordered by firewalls, you trust internal traffic by default. As a former penetration tester, Kindervag contends that, for most orgs, once you get inside the Level 3 layer network — and he says there’s always a way — then you have access to almost everything because of “that broken trust model.”
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yesterday by jonerp
Capacitor: Universal Web Applications
The Native Bridge for Cross-Platform Web Apps. Invoke Native SDKs on iOS, Android, Electron, and the Web with one code base. Optimized for Ionic Framework apps, or use with any web app framework.
android  framework  ios  mobile  native  app  cordova  development  cross-platform 
2 days ago by bales
Why SAP’s Support for Cloud Foundry Is Indefinite
"SAP’s continued support of Cloud Foundry, as well as other open source projects, such as Eclipse, also reflects the complex relationship the proprietary software giant has with the burgeoning open source movement. SAP obviously will not support all open source tools and platforms that might compete with its own proprietary offerings, for example. But in the case of Cloud Foundry, the option is seen by the company as the best choice to allow SAP customers to extend their use of SAP software across different cloud native platforms, including, of course, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS)."
cloud  native  services  news  open  source 
2 days ago by jonerp
Flutter: the good, the bad and the ugly - The ASOS Tech Blog - Medium
To summarise: there’s lots of potential, it’s very easy to get started and actually create something real, and there are many good principles and ideas. However the community is still small and bits and pieces are missing in terms of cross-platform plugins, or there is not much choice in the best case. Also, you must be OK with the fact that you won’t have a 100 per cent native-looking UI, and that if you want to at least be as close as possible for both iOS and Android, your code and structure will get more complex.
Flutter  mobile  native  clevermarks 
3 days ago by nhoizey

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