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How much does scorekeeper bias affect NBA box scores? |
Each NBA team employs a scorekeeping crew, whose job is to watch each game in real time and instantly categorize and credit every play in an official box score. Some stats are black and white - there's no confusion over who scores a basket. But there's far more room for interpretation on assists and blocks, and to a lesser extent, on rebounds and steals.

This issue makes the news every few months when the league decides to retroactively retract or credit stats upon review. Russell Westbrook had a triple-double taken away last season after it was determined he'd been incorrectly awarded a rebound. ESPN's "The Jump" also had some fun after Lonzo Ball was generously awarded helpers at the Staples Center.

Most of the mistakes and corrections result from human error and the subjectivity of certain statistics, but there could be more at play. How much does scorekeeper bias affect the box score, why does it happen, and what's the impact of stat-stuffing?

The Van Exel Game
The most egregious example of a scorekeeper going rogue came in 1997, when a disgruntled Vancouver Grizzlies employee credited Los Angeles Lakers point guard Nick Van Exel with 23 assists - one shy of Magic Johnson's Lakers record.
18 hours ago by serhatugur
Boston Celtics' Gordon Hayward says he's essentially back to '100 percent' - Sports Spectrum
Christian article about Celtics forward Gordon Hayward and his return to basketball after missing basically all of last season.
Celtics  NBA  Christians_in_Sports  Hayward_Gordon  Christian  Sports_Spectrum 
5 days ago by milligan00
NBA court database | Flickr
Explore this photo album by kodrinsky on Flickr!
nba  basketball  design  court  patterns 
9 days ago by natetharp
Colin Kaepernick and Protest As a Leap of Faith
It’s a potent reminder that what Kaepernick and others are doing is not just a sports issue, not just a free-speech issue, and not even just a race issue. This is about risk: that first bold statement, that first leap of faith into the intimidating world of dissent. It’s about doubling down on being a minority in white spaces, with an understanding that your place in said space will never be the same. It’s a harsh reminder that those who now publicly distrust you genuinely thought they were doing you a favor by accepting you in the first place.
anthem-protests  nfl  nba  colin-kaepernick  rembert-browne  mahmoud-abdul-rauf  protests 
14 days ago by yolandaenoch

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