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Two ways to look at the data: Salary vs. 3-point % for players.
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3 days ago by rukku
I'd say Zion Williamson looks healthy. There's never been a player like him, Jim Boeheim reiterated yesterday.
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5 days ago by andriak
Brian Scalerbrine says Staples Center gave Lou Williams a bigger standing ovation than they gave LeBron for passing MJ in scoring. - nba

Laker fans have zero attachment to LeBron. He was (and still is in some ways) a key rival of one of the biggest icons in LA history (Kobe), and we are literally only 3 years removed from Kobe’s retirement. Its too soon to have an attachment to him.

Lebron has done absolutely nothing while on the Lakers other than put up good stats. The team is nowhere near playoff contention, let alone title contention, and Lebron – whether you believe it or not – played atleast some part in killing team chemistry through his role in the Anthony Davis saga at the trade deadline.

When Kobe surpassed MJ’s scoring record in 2015, it was in an away game in Minnesota where he got an extended standing ovation. Everyone knew that Kobe was done as a player by that point, so he was embraced more warmly because it wasn’t clear how much longer Kobe could play.

With Lebron, he’s in a weird stage where he can still play and is Top 3 in the NBA, but his team isn’t winning, he seems to be on the back-end of his career (both in terms of attitude and playing style), and he’s with a brand new team that already has multiple icons who are bigger than he is with local fans (Magic, Kobe, even Kareem).

I get why Lebron moved to LA, but he will never get his due as a Laker unless he wins a ring here.

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8 days ago by kradgean

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