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How I negotiated a $300,000 offer in Silicon Valley
ellishment here. My final ask was for $265k/yr and I was offered around $300k/yr. I don’t know if that was due to the goodwill I had built up with the recruiter or if they were concerned I’d defect. Whatever it was, I’m fine with it. :)
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6 days ago by paulantoine
Coming Up for Air - by kisahawklin - Stranger Things
Now she turns and stares him straight in the eyes. "I worry that you don't like boys and he'll have to pretend that it doesn't hurt him."

"I don't like boys," Steve says, but his voice sounds kind of dead.

Joyce gets a little wrinkle between her brows. "Have you tried one?"

The laugh that comes out of him is sudden and harsh. "Of course not! I'm not a queer."

His voice falters again at the end and Joyce raises an eyebrow. "I'd watch your mouth, mister. I'm not always this sweet and nice, and I don't like the way you talk about queers."

Steve takes a shallow breath. "Sorry. It's… uh…" He looks away. "Reflex. I don't mean it."

Joyce grabs his chin and forces him to look at her. He winces at her fingers pressing into the bruises on his jaw. "Learn to control your bullshit impulses, Steve. It'll work out better for your face, too."
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13 days ago by runpunkrun
How I negotiated a $300,000 offer in Silicon Valley
In the span of a week, I had job offers to work as a software engineer at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, LinkedIn, and Yelp. Here’s how I negotiated them.
negotiation  salary  career 
14 days ago by grahammitchell
How Not to Bomb Your Offer Negotiation - haseeb qureshi
So you know the first 6 rules. You’ve maneuvered through the initial offer conversation, you’ve lined up counteroffers from other companies, and now it’s time to move into the actual negotiating.

salary  negotiation 
15 days ago by woneill
Ten Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer - haseeb qureshi
When the story of how I landed a job at Airbnb went viral, I was surprised at how infatuated people were with my negotiations. Media stories portrayed me as some kind of master negotiator—a wily ex...
salary  negotiation 
15 days ago by woneill

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