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(401) How to Avoid Bias in Card Sorting - YouTube
short Neilsen video on avoiding bias in card sort results by keeping category numbers approximately equal.
card  card_sort  sorting  UX  UXD  video  Neilsen 
april 2019 by pciszewski
(350) Designing Search Suggestions - YouTube
Nielsen video - useful example of minimising cognitive load for users entering search suggestions
UX  UXD  Neilsen  video  search  suggestion  cognitive  load  exemplar 
march 2019 by pciszewski
Sec. anything short of stopping the practice of separating parents and children at the border is unac…
Neilsen  from twitter_favs
june 2018 by jcchurch
Card Sorting: How to Best Organize Product Offerings - YouTube
2 minute video with simple intro to card sorting (examples as cakes)
card  card_sort  sorting  UX  UXD  video  Neilsen 
march 2018 by pciszewski
Windows 8 — Disappointing Usability for Both Novice and Power Users
The underlying problem is the idea of recycling a single software UI for two very different classes of hardware devices. It would have been much better to have two different designs: one for mobile and tablets, and one for the PC. I understand why Microsoft likes the marketing message of "One Windows, Everywhere." But this strategy is wrong for users.
usability  windows-8  reviews  neilsen  touch  flat  UX 
october 2013 by jeffreypriebe

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