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for any fans out there, maybe you've known all along but i've only recently discovered conditional f…
neo4j  cypher  from twitter
6 days ago by igorclark
Updating graph databases with Cypher – the morning paper
Updating graph databases with Cypher Green et al., VLDB'19 This is the story of a great collaboration between academia, industry, and users of the Cypher graph querying language as created by Neo4j. Beyond Neo4j, Cypher is also supported in SAP HANA Graph, RedisGraph, Agnes Graph, and Memgraph. Cypher for Apache Spark, and Cypher over Gremlin…
29 days ago by pks
Learn Neo4j Cypher basics in 30 minutes - Vlad Batushkov - Medium
Practical tutorial for Neo4j graph database beginners, based on Neo4j Workshop in Bangkok. Includes Neo4j Sandbox, Graph Data Modeling, Import Data from CSV file, Cypher examples and tasks.
6 weeks ago by pks

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