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After GDPR, The New York Times cut off ad exchanges in Europe - and kept growing ad revenue - Digiday
The New York Times shortly tested re-introducing open-exchange programmatic ad buying last fall but didn't pursue it.
gdpr  new_york_times  advertising  netpolicynotes  privacy 
2 days ago by mreinbold
Announcing the Ragtag Home for the Holidays SECURITY CHALLENGE
Ah, the wintertime holiday season, when many of us will be visiting home again, enjoying time with our family, giving gifts, sharing meals, and fixing our loved one’s computers. You know the drill……
netpolicynotes  security  ragtag 
5 weeks ago by mreinbold
The Dataset Nutrition Label Project | Open Leaders 6
The Dataset Nutrition Label Project empowers data scientists and policymakers with practical tools to improve AI outcomes I interviewed Open Leaders 6 participant Kasia Chmielenski to learn more…
dataset  netpolicynotes  mozilla  chad_sansing  kasia_chmielinski  policy 
5 weeks ago by mreinbold
Advancing Greater Fairness and Explainability for AI and Machine Learning Across the Banking…
How can developers prove that the AI/ML systems making these decisions are doing so ethically, fairly and in compliance with relevant laws?
jiahao_chen  ai  machine_learning  capital_one  netpolicynotes  banking 
8 weeks ago by mreinbold

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