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How to configure a firewall for domains and trusts
Windows Server 2008/2012
Client Port(s) Server Port Service
49152 -65535/UDP 123/UDP W32Time
49152 -65535/TCP 135/TCP RPC Endpoint Mapper
49152 -65535/TCP 464/TCP/UDP Kerberos password change
49152 -65535/TCP 49152-65535/TCP RPC for LSA, SAM, Netlogon (*)
49152 -65535/TCP/UDP 389/TCP/UDP LDAP
49152 -65535/TCP 636/TCP LDAP SSL
49152 -65535/TCP 3268/TCP LDAP GC
49152 -65535/TCP 3269/TCP LDAP GC SSL
53, 49152 -65535/TCP/UDP 53/TCP/UDP DNS
49152 -65535/TCP 49152 -65535/TCP FRS RPC (*)
49152 -65535/TCP/UDP 88/TCP/UDP Kerberos
49152 -65535/TCP/UDP 445/TCP SMB (**)
49152 -65535/TCP 49152-65535/TCP DFSR RPC (*)
microsoft  activedirectory  networking  reference  techsupport 
14 hours ago by bwiese
osmocom-analog: analog mobile cell projectd
"Welcome to a Osmocom-Analog, a project that documents the functionality and knowledge of former analogue mobile networks. The included software allows the emulation of these mobile networks to communicate with Historical mobile phones again."

A base station implementation of classic mobile networks.
analog  emergency  mobile  networking  cellular  phone  communications 
21 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Up For Grabs
This is a list of projects which have curated tasks specifically for new contributors. These are a great way to get started with a project, or to help share the load of working on open source projects.

Find a project you'd like to get involved with:

Read the contributor guidelines for the project
Get the project running locally
Leave a message on a task you'd like to work on
Get to work!
openSource  projects  programming  networking 
yesterday by dicewitch
To www or not to www – Should you use www or not in your domain?
Cookies set from a hostname, will also be sent to all subdomains ... There is a limitation in DNS which says that the origin, must be an A type record, which means it has to point to a fixed IP address ... But there are important matters that says you should use the full hostname with the www: Perfomance-wise, security-wise and in terms of flexibility.
Networking  hosting 
yesterday by zephyr777
Meet Slingshot: An Innovative Interconnect for the Next Generation of Supercomputers | Cray Blog
Slingshot has a crop of new features aimed at data-centric HPC and AI workloads. It starts with extremely high bandwidth: 12.8 Tb/s/dir per switch, from 64 200 Gbps ports. All those ports allow us to build very large networks with very low diameter. Slingshot implements the dragonfly topology, which Cray invented back in 2008. We can create networks with over a quarter million endpoints, with a diameter of just three network hops. And only one of those hops needs to use an (expensive) optical cable. This reduces latency, but also reduces cost; the Shasta network requires half—or for larger systems, one quarter—the number of optical cables as a fat-tree to provide the same level of global bandwidth.
cray  networking  performance 
yesterday by euler
Linux Network Statistics Tools / Commands - nixCraft
리눅스 네트워크 통계를 어떻게 살펴보면 되는지 매우 잘 정리했다.
linux  linux-network-debug  networking  stats  recommended 
yesterday by andromedarabbit
Building the Peer-to-Peer Internet
Workshop schedule and outline of topics. Discusses building a mesh network using commodity WiFi tech. In late 2018, the Toronto mesh community seems more active than most other mesh communities in North America.
freifunk  openwrt  open-source-software  mesh  mesh-networking  p2p-internet  internet  networking  counterantidisintermediation  !beyond-seven-review  physical-computing 
2 days ago by beyondseven
HTTP-over-QUIC to be renamed HTTP/3
Decent newsy comment thread about HTTP/3, QUIC, and how the modern internet treats IP protocols
ip  protocols  http  http3  quic  networking  internet  newsy 
2 days ago by jm
Kubernetes NodePort vs LoadBalancer vs Ingress? When should I use what?
Recently, someone asked me what the difference between NodePorts, LoadBalancers, and Ingress were. They are all different ways to get external traffic into your cluster, and they all do it in…
k8s  kubernetes  networking 
2 days ago by chlopakrzeznika

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