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The Case for Cold Contacting
Great networking and cold contact post
yesterday by christopherming
Introduction To Modern Routing For Red Team Infrastructure - using Traefik, Metasploit, Covenant and Docker :: khast3x blog — Thoughts and notes on my side projects
For now, we want to deploy a more evolved red teaming infrastructure that can dynamically create routes to our C2 Docker containers, instead of manually editing a configuration file every time we want a new route from our reverse-proxy.
We also want it to be easy to scale, and easy to monitor.
c2  networking  pentest  pentesting 
yesterday by whip_lash
How to configure ufw to forward port 80/443 to internal server hosted on LAN - nixCraft
I am using UFW to protect my network. How do I forward TCP HTTP port # 80 and 443 to an internal server hosted at and using UFW on Ubuntu Linux server?

UFW is an acronym for uncomplicated firewall. It is used for managing a Linux firewall and aims to provide an easy to use interface for the user. In this tutorial, you will learn how to forward incoming traffic to your server running ufw on port 80/443 to port 80/443 on another internal server hosted in your LAN/VLAN.
2017  iptables  ubuntu  firewall  networking  configuration  sysadmin  linux  cli  example  tips  blogpost 
2 days ago by ezequiel
How to do local port forwarding with iptables - Stack Overflow
Q: I have an application (server) listening on port 8080. I want to be able to forward port 80 to it, such that hitting http://localhost resolves my application (on localhost:8080).

This should be generalized for any port mapping (e.g. 80:8080 => P_src:P_target), and use best practices for modern *nix machines (e.g. Ubuntu).

N.B. This is all done locally, so there is no need to accept connections from anyone but localhost.
2015  forumthread  iptables  linux  firewall  cli  howto  tips  stackexchange  sysadmin  example  configuration  networking 
2 days ago by ezequiel

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