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ID203012: Computer Networks and network programming - Wikipendium
This Wiki contains notes written by students in course ID203012 "Computer networks and network programming" at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Wiki created during September-November 2017.

Wiki book developed with support of ExcITEd: Centre of Excellent IT Education.
9 hours ago by dusko
Introduction · OpenBSD netcat demystified
OpenBSD netcat demystified

Owing to its versatile functionalities, netcat earns the reputation as "TCP/IP Swiss army knife". For example, you can create a simple chat app using netcat:
netcat  nc  networking 
14 hours ago by euler
Visio - Have you replaced it yet? - sysadmin
You said it, practically, not exact. There are differences from customer to customer.

Well sure there's differences but those go in your documentation like PPPOE creds, static ips, etc.

I think you see diagrams as a waste of time, which they are, if you don't use them correctly.

Absolutely nobody ever uses visio diagrams; and when they do they get it wrong. I was on this call once with a place in new mexico state. They had ~200 network devices with eigrp across the board. Whoever setup this network was brilliant... I'm pretty sure I had talked to this person before but they weren't on this call... probably quit? Whatever. They were using go-to meeting and there was like 4 other network people from the network team on the call.

All they did was look at visio diagrams and just didnt know what's wrong. Why did they lose this connectivity? Everything pings correctly! I just speak up afterall i was the guy they came to for help. My response was... 'lets just log into that router' they immediately reply, 'That's a switch.' Their visio diagram literally said router. I never said anything. They opened up the webgui which didnt work. They tried a different browser, it didnt work. Fucking java. I ask for commandline. They ask how. I just dl putty and log into it. I figured out their problem maybe 1 minute later.

Flying by the seat of our pants does not sit well with a customer. Lack of documentation may work in a single environment where a small team or individual knows the network like the back of their hand, but not in our case.

This isn't about that. It's about getting the answers yourself live because diagrams are never going to be right. I'm not saying documentation shouldn't be done. You should absolutely have a centralized repo of information like static ips, PPPOE creds, device passwords, etc which aren't things you should remember ever.

Besides that, what happens if you are hit by a truck and all of your knowledge is no longer available to those left behind to pick up the pieces?

Actually my above example is a great example of this. That person who had the talent setup a network that obviously the environment does need. There's no way to setup that environment with any less complexity. They had documentation for passwords... they knew how to get into the devices. I didnt need any visio diagrams. Infact their wrong visio diagrams would have been a problem. I went and got the answers myself.

At the end of the day you must have someone who has the talent to do the work. Documentation does not elevate incompetent people into competent people.
sysadmin  networking  diagram 
14 hours ago by dusko
igraph – Network analysis software
igraph is a collection of network analysis tools with the emphasis on efficiency, portability and ease of use. igraph is open source and free. igraph can be programmed in R, Python and C/C++.
graph  networking 
14 hours ago by dusko
Fritz!Box JSTool
Checksum mit JavaScript berechnen, Konfig-Datei entschlüsseln, ShrewVPN-Dateien erstellen, system_status / jason_boxinfo anzeigen
fritzbox  networking  tools 
16 hours ago by torben
Entertain mit DrayTek Vigor 130, UniFi USG und Switch - Schreiber`s BlogSchreiber`s Blog
Monatelang haben wir User getüftelt wie man Entertain der Telekom (Abo vorausgesetzt) im UniFi Netzwerk ohne IGMPv3 Support der Hardware zum Laufen bringt. Hier kommt die Anleitung und ich hoffe, es hilft den einen oder anderen von Euch weiter.
unifi  telekom  iptv  tentertain  networking  howto 
16 hours ago by torben
Deutsche Telekom Entertain mit dem Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway - Björns Techblog
Diese Anleitung soll dabei helfen, Entertain (V1 und V2) mittels UniFi Hardware an einem BNG-Anschluss zu ermögliche. Die Anleitung funktioniert nicht an einem nicht BNG-Anschluss, da hier neben dem VLAN 7 noch das VLAN 8 benötigt wird. Da alle Anschlüsse, im laufe des Jahres,  umgestellt werden, wird dieses Thema hier auch nicht weiter behandelt.
Es wird davon ausgegangen, dass der USG die PPPoE Einwahl übernimmt und ein DSL-Modem, wie der Draytek Vigor 130, vorgeschaltet ist.
Entertain V1 verw...
unifi  telekom  iptv  tentertain  networking  howto 
16 hours ago by torben

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