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After ghoulish allegations, a brain-preservation company seeks redemption - STAT
> He continues his pitch on the ride home. After McIntyre dashes into his apartment building, the Uber driver considers whether he would give his brain to a company that would preserve all his memories even with no promise that they could ever be read out or uploaded. “Sure, why not?” he said. “Even a small chance is better than definitely dead and gone forever, right?”
nectome  robert_mcintyre  memory  neuroscience  glutaraldehyde 
2 days ago by porejide
New Evidence for the Strange Geometry of Thought - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus
“[the] usefulness of a cognitive space isn’t just restricted to already familiar object comparisons. “One of the ways these cognitive spaces can benefit our behavior is when we encounter something we have never seen before,” Bellmund said. “Based on the features of the new object we can position it in our cognitive space. We can then use our old knowledge to infer how to behave in this novel situation.” Representing knowledge in this structured way allows us to make sense of how we should behave in new circumstances.”
neuroscience  cognitivescience  concepts  space  fmri  geometry  cognition 
4 days ago by danhon

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