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Facebook's local news project frustrated – by lack of local newspapers
The definition of not enough:

> The company deems a community unsuitable for Today In if it cannot find a single day in a month with at least five news items available to share.


> Some 1,800 newspapers have closed in the US over the last 15 years, according to the University of North Carolina. Newsroom employment has declined by 45% as the industry struggles with a broken business model partly caused by the success of companies on the internet – including Facebook.
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2 days ago by cote
Gell-Mann amnesia effect - Wikipedia
«The Gell-Mann amnesia effect describes the phenomenon of an expert believing news articles on topics outside of their field of expertise even after acknowledging that articles written in the same publication that are within the expert's field of expertise are error-ridden and full of misunderstanding.»
idealogging  media  journalism  newspapers  reporting  via-irc  via-stilldavid  michael-crichton 
5 days ago by brennen
Reaching new heights – Contagious I/O
National Geographic in Latin America created a mobile website to host its Oscar-nominated film about a rock climber scaling Yosemite’s famous high wall, El Captain. The catch? Viewers must themselves climb if they want to keep watching.
The website, called Climb to Watch, works by accessing a phone’s GPS function. The site is able to get a sense of the user’s altitude and, for each meter the person ascends, it unlocks more of the documentary.
The film, Free Solo, became available on National Geographic’s channel and app from March 3 in Latin America, except in Brazil, where it became available from March 9.
newspapers  films  partnerships  stunts 
8 days ago by dancall
Source: Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates Through a Secret Database - NBC 7 San Diego
The documents detail an intelligence-gathering effort by the United States and Mexican authorities, targeting more than 50 people including journalists, an attorney, and immigration advocates
government  privacy  newspapers  mexico  legal  activism 
13 days ago by Chirael
You Can Now Bypass Medium's Paywall Using Twitter
If you want to read paid-for Medium articles without actually paying, you can now bypass the paywall using Twitter. Medium insists writers who produce paywalled content won’t lose any revenue, so this seems like a win-win for everyone involved.
paid  walled  newspapers  trends  future  partnerships 
14 days ago by dancall
Did a Publisher Just Build the Future of Retail? – Out of Ink – Medium
But as I took a lap around the store and read the product displays, I felt this weird curiosity come over me. I felt cultured, almost as if I were in a museum dedicated to commerce. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed discovering items and finally understood how shopping became the great American pastime. Ultimately, I left the Strategist pop-up with something called Bro Mask, a product I’d never heard of until I read the article next to it that convinced me I’ve been neglecting my poor face for all of its sad 26 years on Earth.
retail  newspapers  pop-up  future  casestudies 
16 days ago by dancall
National Geographic Just Became the First Brand to Top 100 Million Instagram Followers – Adweek
National Geographic ventured into uncharted territory last week, this time on Instagram, where it became the first brand to top 100 million followers. But the publisher’s success is more than organic. Its revenue from social advertising was up 80 percent in 2018 compared with the previous year.
instagram  newspapers  stats 
20 days ago by dancall
Why the Left Can’t Stand The New York Times - Columbia Journalism Review
“by literally any measure, the Financial Times is just a better paper. It covers the world as it is—a global battle not of ideas or values, but of economic and political interests.

Compared to the Times, the reporting is usually more in-depth; the reporters generally have more expertise; the coverage is more comprehensive both geographically and substantively; even the op-eds are better (likely because they are far fewer, and they’re not used to pad the paper with “content”—confessionals, puff pieces, listicles—rather than reporting). Most refreshing, the FT does not lose itself in the mire of myopic American culture wars, which very rarely breach the surface of material politics and/or economics. When it does run soft news, it’s higher quality (Rana Foroohar’s “Lunch with the FT” with Rebecca Solnit, for example, transcends the genre of fawning celebrity profile into an understated but scathing critique).”
NYT  FT  newspapers  journalism  2019 
20 days ago by Preoccupations
Report: New York Times presses pause on Snapchat Discover | Mobile Marketer
The New York Times stopped updating its Snapchat Discover channel and is currently working with the image-messaging company on developing new programming, Digiday reported. The newspaper started the channel in April 2017 to showcase stories, video and crossword puzzles. Its last update on Discover, Snapchat's platform for content producers, was on Dec. 21.
The Times had 10 people working on the channel after devoting 20 to its initial launch. The newspaper didn't provide a reason for halting its updates. Snapchat's parent company Snap is having discussions with the Times about creating something new for the app, a Snap spokesperson told Digiday.
newspapers  snapchat  fail  content 
27 days ago by dancall
Publishers balk at Apple’s subscription news service terms
A report in The Wall Street Journal says that many news publishers are not pleased, with the company meeting resistance from some media outlets. People familiar with the situation say that Apple has said it would keep about half of the subscription revenue from the so-called ‘Netflix for news’ service it has planned.

The service comes from Apple’s 2018 acquisition of Texture, a service that provided digital subscribers full access to magazines as they appeared in print.

The newspaper wrote that some papers, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, are unhappy with the proposed terms that Apple would keep approximately half of the subscription fees, running at $10 per subscriber.
apple  membership  paid  newspapers  fail 
28 days ago by dancall
Fighting disinformation across our products
The white paper also explains how we work beyond our products to support a healthy journalistic ecosystem, partner with civil society and researchers, and stay one step ahead of future risks.
We hope this paper and increased transparency can lead to more dialogue about what we and others can do better on these issues. We're committed to acting responsibly and thoroughly as we tackle this important challenge
google  newspapers  fakenews  urbanmyth 
28 days ago by dancall

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