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Moving to New Orleans from New York City - Curbed
“I thrived on anonymity,” I said to Tamika. And then I paused. “Until I stopped growing.” I laughed at myself.
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5 days ago by JohnDrake
Creating Joker’s Gotham - Creative Review
How Arthur travels Gotham is one of the best parts of the story, and central to the plot. We actually created our own transit map for buses and trains and overlaid that on our Gotham map, so we could understand where Arthur was headed and how he got there,” he says.


Meanwhile, the graffiti that surrounds Fleck in his daily life becomes more prominent as the story’s tension is ramped up, acting as a form of expression for the city’s voiceless have-nots and a symbol of his transformation into Joker. “It signifies that the street is identifying with the clown that is out there defending himself,” says Friedberg. It’s a stark contrast to the glamorous world of the city’s haves, including a young Thomas Wayne, a mayoral candidate who is also the father of the future Batman.
newyork  movies  graffiti 
9 days ago by JohnDrake

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