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THE 2000 CAMPAIGN: THE CANDIDATES; Forget Third Party, These Presidential Hopefuls Offer Array of Choices - The New York Times
Julian Starr filed to run for president in 2000 at 18 years old, anticipating running for president in 2016 when he turned 35.
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Google Will Stop Reading Your Emails for Gmail Ads - Bloomberg
Ads will continue to appear inside the free version of Gmail, as promoted messages. But instead of scanning a user’s email, the ads will now be targeted with other personal information Google already pulls from sources such as search and YouTube.

I wonder what the conversion rates on these within-browsers ads are. I know I've never opened any no matter how well-targeted or 'interesting' they are, because the immediate response is to just want to sweep the inbox clean
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yesterday by mozzarella
CleverDeck - Spaced Repetition Flashcards for iPhone
originally encountered the idea of spaced repitition from
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3 days ago by mozzarella
Social Cooling
This is breeding a society where self-censorship and risk-aversion are the new normal.
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4 days ago by mozzarella
Data Everywhere, Statisticians Anywhere | FlowingData
At the same time, it goes the other way. Never stop learning. Accept that you don’t know everything and seize opportunities to collaborate with others across the data spectrum. Sometimes statisticians get stuck in a stat bubble, where analysis and theory rules over everything else data-related. Obviously, that’s our strong suit, so that makes sense, but others have their own strengths, whether it be technical know-how, research in visual perception, experience with data presentation,...
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5 days ago by mozzarella
Rare Bird Alert
We offer a range of different pager services to suit all kinds of birders, from those who only bird locally, and maybe only occasionally, right through to the most ardent twitchers who will travel far and wide.
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8 days ago by mozzarella

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