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Review: One Wild Bird at a Time: Portraits of Individual Lives
reminded of me of Alexander Skutch initially - specifically The Minds of Birds. There's something about natural, observational history I find so much more appealing than hardcore biology.
nice-thinking  booooooks 
5 days ago by mozzarella
ZieherSmith | Tucker Nichols | Works
I think an email brought me here? Paintings a refreshing sight amongst the browser tabs
2018:art  nice-thinking 
5 days ago by mozzarella
HOW TO Taper Vintage Jeans | This Old Thing Workshop - YouTube
or any pants really - no need to undo the entire hem on a leg. measure twice, sew once, cut once
studio:materials  nice-thinking 
6 days ago by mozzarella
The crypto alternative | TechCrunch
2% (cryptocurrency, decentralized web) of users keeping the 98% majority (banks, centralized social media, etc) honest.

sounds a lot like what Taleb calls the 'tyranny of the minority'
nice-thinking  cryptocurrency  blockchain 
6 days ago by mozzarella
See 7 Pictures of Regal Chickens
A photographer captures the striking features and cocky personalities of chickens.
avian-AF  photography  nice-thinking  thai:alphabet 
6 days ago by mozzarella
Here’s The Technique That Ambitious People Use To Get What They Want –
just listened to the econtalk with Ryan Holiday about his book Conspiracy detailing the fall of gawker.
nice-thinking  freelance 
6 days ago by mozzarella
Black activist jailed for his Facebook posts speaks out about secret FBI surveillance | World news | The Guardian
The government’s own crime data has largely undermined the notion of a growing threat from a “black identity extremist” [BIE] movement, a term invented by law enforcement. In addition to an overall decline in police deaths, most individuals who shoot and kill officers are white men, and white supremacists have been responsible for nearly 75% of deadly extremist attacks since 2001.

BIE sounds like BIA and what they do sounds like BS
standing-rock-research  surveillance  nice-thinking  via:popular 
6 days ago by mozzarella
Notes -
a great long list of ways ordinary life has improved over the decades

riding lawn mowers are affordable & common for rural people
gwern  nice-thinking 
10 days ago by mozzarella
Section I - What would an anarchist society look like? | Anarchist Writers
after asking google is anarchism in practice is based on withdrawal, i was led here
11 days ago by mozzarella
What sort of society do anarchists want? – An Anarchist FAQ – Medium
I asked google 'is practical anarchism based on withdrawal?'
Anarchists desire a decentralised society, based on free association. We consider this form of society the best one for maximising the values we have outlined above — liberty, equality and solidarity.
11 days ago by mozzarella
Rookie » Why Can't I Be You: Rebecca Solnit
nothing secretly buddhist about her take on the ever changing floating world; more like exactly buddhist.
nice-thinking  social-media  buddhism 
11 days ago by mozzarella
Akin's Laws of Spacecraft Design
At the start of any design effort, the person who most wants to be team leader is least likely to be capable of it.
nice-thinking  programming  via:popular  photography 
12 days ago by mozzarella

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