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Node.js Developer (m/f) - Berlin
RT : My company is hiring a dev in Berlin, Germany(Relocation support offered)
Pls RT
vacancy  nodejs  job  javascript  from twitter
19 hours ago by stefanscheidt
How To Combine a NodeJS Back End with a ReactJS Front End App.
Simple overview of writing a webapp based on NodeJS and ReactJS.
reactjs  nodejs  webapps  howtos  examples  webdev 
yesterday by angusm
Using require.resolve() To Calculate Module-Relative File Paths In Node.js
If a file exists already, require.resolve() gives you the absolute file path. It's a little neater than doing a path.resolve(__dirname, 'path.txt') thing
nodejs  javascript 
yesterday by leereamsnyder
A Gojko Adzic framework for easy node.js serverless apps.
aws  cloud  lambda  nodejs 
yesterday by dehowell

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