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Slow Travel Blog For The Digital Nomad Lifestyle | Slow Travel Co.
Find helpful and practical tips in our slow travel blog for the digital nomad lifestyle. We’ll cover everything you need to set yourself up in some of the best places to live and work remotely in the world. You’ll get the lowdown on accommodation, internet speeds, places to work, food, transport, safety and more.
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yesterday by rsewan
terraform-aws-nomad/examples/nomad-consul-separate-cluster at master · hashicorp/terraform-aws-nomad
This folder shows an example of Terraform code to deploy a Nomad cluster that connects to a separate Consul cluster in AWS
nomad  programming  ops 
10 days ago by teeler
Remote Work & Travel Community for the Cheeky, Fun, and Bold
Hacker Paradise creates remote work expeditions for professionals who want to live, work and adventure differently from one month to one year.
nomad  travel  social  group  work  digital 
14 days ago by rsewan
Stop Hating Digital Nomads…we aren’t the enemy – Amanda Scott – Medium
People are *forced* into remove jobs due to the increased cost of housing, and longer commutes. Social media paints a glowing picture of digital nomads, but they're regular people who work hard, not necessarily on "what they love".
digital  nomad  debunk 
28 days ago by dandv
US Foreign Earned Income Exclusion: the Ultimate Guide | Nomad Capitalist
US employer OK
Set up a Belize/BVI/Malta foreign Corp to not pay SS&Medicare
CA doesn't automatically apply FEIE, move somewhere else before leaving
Pro-rated OK
Days in International Waters don't count towards the 330 out :-/
Can exclude cost of housing above some percentage too

Trump change in 2018 means you can no longer exclude the corporate income above ~$100k. If it earns over $500k, contact NomadCapitalist.

- flow-through Corp only useful for on the ground businesses that pay local tax
- selling your time as a freelancer through a foreign Corp is illegal, though many suggest it. [Advice from elsewhere (NomCap?): try selling access to an online servicethat the company provides.

330 days:
digital  nomad  travel  USA  tax  FEIE  avoid  foreign 
29 days ago by dandv
"Go where you're treated best" applies to healthcare too | NomadCapitalist
Princeport (?) in Kuala Lumpur. Excellent service from UK-trained doctor with no wait
nomad  healthcare  medical  tourism  video 
29 days ago by dandv
RabbitMQ Cluster with Consul and Vault – Piotr's TechBlog
Almost two years ago I wrote an article about RabbitMQ clustering RabbitMQ in cluster. It was one of the first post on my blog, and it's really hard to believe it has been two years since I started this blog. Anyway, one of the question about the topic described in the mentioned article inspired me…
rabbitmq  docker  nomad 
29 days ago by pondidum

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