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Thanks for the kind words Antonio. Appreciate your efforts to . I talk about…
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6 weeks ago by mgifford
Overriding Default Button Styles
There are a variety of "buttons" in HTML. Plus, for better or worse, people like having links that are styled to match the look of other true buttons on the site. One challenge is getting all those elements to look and layout exactly the same. We'll cover that a few ways.
css  cssbasics  html  buttons  reset  normalize  defaults 
may 2018 by spaceninja
How to normalize embedding vectors? - PyTorch Forums
Hi, I am using a network to embed some entity into vector space. As the length of the vector decrease during the training. I want to normalize it's length to 1 in the end of each step. Is there any tool that I can use to…
pytorch  normalize  deep-learning 
april 2018 by nharbour
paularmstrong/normalizr: Normalizes nested JSON according to a schema
Normalizes nested JSON according to a schema
normalizr  redux  javascript  json  reactjs  flux  normalize  api  js  react 
march 2018 by jemerick
Modern-normalize: Normalize browsers' default style
Smaller, Includes only normalizations for the latest Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, Sets box-sizing: border-box, Improves consistency of default fonts, Sets a more readable tab size
css  style  normalize  browser 
february 2018 by Gwendoux

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