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Nils Petter Molvaer | shortlist lounge 2
Norwegian trumpet player, composer and producer, connects multiple music styles - jazz, ambient, house, electronic and break beats.
2006  NilsPetterMolvaer  music  Norway  jazz  ambient  electronic  lounge  OleOlsen  live  Oslo  shortlist 
8 days ago by shortlist_cxc
Chasing climate change – Spesial
lovely bit on the effects already visible in Norway
climate  Norway  writing 
9 days ago by mr_stru
Studio Oker's identity for Norwegian furniture maker Hamran centres around a bespoke serif typeface — The Brand Identity
Hamran is a Norwegian family-run business that makes bespoke kitchens, interiors and furniture. Founded in 1930, they design their predominately wooden products from start-to-finish, focusing on durability in order to reduce the ecological footprint.

Stavanger-based Studio Oker has rebranded Hamran, with the new identity centring around a bespoke typeface created in collaboration with The Pyte Foundry. The flared serif’s generous curves and flares represent the precise craftsmanship that is poured into Hamran’s products. Applications are laid out elegantly, keeping the focus on the typeface and the photography of Hamran’s beautifully-designed interiors.

Typeface: The Pyte Foundry
Norway  2020  2020-02  2020Faves  GraphicDesign  furniture  identity  branding  CustomType  TheBrandIdentity 
14 days ago by briansholis
Chasing climate change
So what has changed? Have things really begun to happen already? Over the past twelve months we have traveled around the country, looking for answers. Chasing climate change.
digitalstorytelling  climate-change  ecology  norway 
15 days ago by wiobyrne
Ping & 😂 MT : This is how you run from to , then to and b…
Sweden  Norway  Finland  from twitter_favs
17 days ago by callenet

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