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Natural Language Processing with NoSQL and JavaScript
In this article we are taking a look at how to apply Natural Language Processing to do sentiment analysis on unstructured text with JavaScript and NoSQL.
nlp  javascript  js  marklogic  nosql  database  machinelearning  programming  tutorial 
6 hours ago by gilberto5757
Introduction to Schemas in Apache Kafka with the Confluent Schema Registry
Type Safety

The Confluent Schema Registry lives outside and separately from your Kafka Brokers. It is an additional component that can be set up with any Kafka cluster setup, would it be vanilla, Hortonworks, Confluent, or any other provider.

Here’s what the architecture with it looks like:

Simple Concept, Powerful Outcomes
As you can see, your producers and consumers still talk to Kafka, but now they also talk to your Schema Registry. How does that solve our problems?

The Kafka Avro Serializer
The engineering beauty of this architecture is that now, your Producers use a new Serializer, provided courtesy of Confluent, named the KafkaAvroSerializer. Upon producing Avro data to Kafka, the following will happen (simplified version):

Your producer will check if the schema is available is in the Schema Registry. If not available, it will register and cache it
The Schema Registry will verify if the schema is either the same as before or a valid evolution. If not, it will return an exception and the KafkaAvroSerializer will crash your producer. Better safe than sorry
If the schema is valid and all checks pass, the producer will only include a reference to the Schema (the Schema ID) in the message sent to Kafka, not the whole schema. The advantage of this is that now, your messages sent to Kafka are much smaller!
database  messaging  nosql 
4 days ago by janpeuker
Accenture on why “citizen AI” will fail without rigorous testing for algorithmic bias - by @jonerp
"Accenture sees a bold new age of "citizen AI" ahead. But there's a warning attached: we better get testing right. Here's what Accenture told me about their efforts to root out data and algorithmic bias."
devops  nosql  and  the  open  source  stack  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence  new  professional  it  as  a  service 
6 days ago by jonerp
The Big Switch – DevOps in financial services - by @angelicamari
"The financial services sector has been comparatively slow to take up DevOps as a way to get solutions to market in a timely manner. That's changing as existential threats loom ever larger."
devops  nosql  and  the  open  source  stack  financial  services  fintech 
6 days ago by jonerp
How to choose the right NoSQL database | ITNews
NoSQL databases vary in architecture and function, so you need to pick the type that is best for the desired task
nosql  database  review  feature  comparison 
6 days ago by gilberto5757
NoSQL introduction - w3resource
In the computing system (web and business applications), there are enormous data that comes out every day from the web. A large section of these data is handled by Relational database management systems (RDBMS). The idea of relational model came with E.F.Codd’s 1970 paper "A relational model of data for large shared data banks" which made data modeling and application programming much easier. Beyond the intended benefits, the relational model is well-suited to client-server programmi...
7 days ago by cjitlal

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