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Zettelkasten Method Blog - Note taking while reading
So you're here for a starting point.

Using a Zettelkasten is about optimizing a workflow of learning and producing knowledge. The products are texts, mostly. The categories we deem fit currently are the following:
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3 days ago by dusko
Zettelkästen - Note taking while reading
Most of the writing about him and his system remains in German. The primary English resource is Sönke Ahrens’ book How to Take Smart Notes (2017). It describes the Zettelkasten system as being akin to GTD, but better suited to knowledge work.

The book views academic/knowledge work as exploratory, in contrast to business, to which GTD is better suited because of business’ tendency towards pre-defined objectives. In that sense, you might say that Zettelkasten is to a wiki what GTD is to a todo list. Both are different ways of thinking about a rather flexible (potentially misused?) underlying tool.
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3 days ago by dusko
Your team’s knowledge base - Team wiki, documentation, playbooks, onboarding & more…
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10 days ago by exon

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