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Turtl: The secure, collaborative notebook | Turtl
The safe way to remember everything. Take all your important data with you.
notes  app  android  web  opensource  evernote  security  encryption 
12 hours ago by e2b
Customize Your Planner – inkWELL Press
With multiple planner formats including daily planning, weekly planning, goal setting and more, you can create the ideal planner to fit your lifestyle. With the liveWELL 360° disc planning system, pages can be added or removed to make planning your busy life easier and more productive.
calendar  notes  paper  productivity 
2 days ago by mandarine
[no title]
Research on effective note taking
notes  howto 
4 days ago by bojates
Untethered | Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn as he saw himself
"Instead, The Red Wheel depicts Russia as having been betrayed twice, by an indolent and corrupt homegrown elite, and by a hyperactive and destructive intelligentsia obsessed with implanting “foreign” ideas, which the author portrays as a liberal-socialist continuum. The Revolution becomes something alien. Concepts of foreign or alien, it must be said, present insurmountable difficulties for anyone who would write the history of Imperial Russia and the Revolution."
4 days ago by keithpeter
FSNotes App
File system notes is modern notational velocity (nvALT) on steroids for macOS and iOS

Application respects open formats: plain/text, markdown, rtf, and stores data in file system. You can view, edit, copy data in favourite external editor and see live results in FSNotes.

notes  opensource  ios  mac  markdown  app  txt 
5 days ago by goofrider
Show HN: Stock Trading from Google Spreadsheet | Hacker News
"I worked for one of the largest financials services companies in the world and they STILL use excel to drive their trading activities. They are so large and so complex that it's impossible to convert them because no one completely understands how it all works. They were developed by traders/market experts with no help from IT, for years IT didn't even knew they existed."

What could *possibly* go wrong?
notes  linux  algorithm 
6 days ago by keithpeter
Statistics notes on the web
Prepared by Dr. Myron Hlynka, University of Windsor.
statistics  notes 
7 days ago by jimmykduong

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