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Irish firm’s device to detect IBS triggers praised by researchers
The FoodMarble device is quite cool:
Aire uses breath analysis to enable users to measure how well they absorb different types of foods, so they can identify what foods they can eat without discomfort.
Researchers from the University of Auckland found that FoodMarble’s device successfully detected malabsorption of lactose and milk when put to the test against gold-standard clinical machines. The research was published in peer-reviewed journal, Nutrients.
foodmarble  aire  food  fodmaps  ireland  ibs  lactose-intolerance  nutrition 
1 hour ago by jm
Wholesome - Micronutrient and Vitamin Tracker
food  nutrition  health  fitness 
3 days ago by kexrex
Ripped Fuel - Ephedra Outlet
Ripped Power active ephedra extract. 120 capsules for $57. Claims to give you energy and burn fat.
nutrition  health 
4 days ago by chrismyth
CT NOFA Farmers Markets
FMNP - Farmers Market Nutrition Program*
SFMNP - Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program*
SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program*
WIC - Women, Infants, & Children Program*
FMNP  SFMNP  Senior  Farmers  Market  Nutrition  SNAP  food  stamps  Supplemental  Assistance  Program  WIC  Women  Infants  Children  CT  NOFA  Northeast  Organic  Farming  Association 
7 days ago by Michael.Massing
Primal Guide to Olive Oil: Why and When to Use It | Mark's Daily Apple
Useful post on #olive #oil for health benefits: #research studies and #recipes #paleo food
olive  oil  food  primal  paleo  cooking  recipe  Research  health  value  proposition  comparison  nutrition  Q3  2019 
7 days ago by csrollyson
Is MSG bad for your health? |
There is nothing to worry about when it comes to MSG. There may be some truth in MSG-induced headaches, but that's about it.
msg  nutrition  food  health 
8 days ago by cothrun

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