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How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life | HuffPost
How to #CooktoHealth: several practical ways you can improve your #family #health by #cooking and eating at home #kudos @markhymanmd
cooktohealth  family  home  cooking  health  Statistics  restaurant  breakfast  skills  bullsi  food  industry  autonomy  empowerment  nutrition  lifestyle  kitchen  group  garden  recycling  compost 
15 hours ago by csrollyson
The Weight Loss Secret The Food Industry Doesn't Want You To Know
#Foodbabe debunks processed "diet" foods > The Weight Loss Secret The Food Industry Doesn't Want You To Know
cooktohealth  drivetotrust  food  industry  debunk  diet  low  calorie  health  nutrition 
15 hours ago by csrollyson
A high protein diet (3.4 g/kg/d) combined with a heavy resistance training program improves body composition in healthy trained men and women – a follow-up investigation
Consuming a high protein diet (3.4 g/kg/d) in conjunction with a heavy resistance-training program may confer benefits with regards to body composition. Furthermore, there is no evidence that consuming a high protein diet has any deleterious effects.
protein  nutrition 
16 hours ago by kyrcha
Massive open online nutrition and cooking course for improved eating behaviors and meal composition
[Study] Online course #MOOC for online #nutrition & #cooking improved eating behaviors & meal composition @coursera #obesity global
cooking  health  mooc  online  discussion  video  demonstration  education  2015  q4  statistics  obesity  nutrition  study  research  drivetotrust 
16 hours ago by csrollyson
The Ultimate Guide to Muscle Protein Synthesis
Detailed description how muscle protein synthesis is measured and how to optimize it maximal muscle mass gains.
lifting  protein  synthesis  nutrition  workout 
yesterday by adanova
Does Eating Too Many Chia Seeds Cause Side Effects?
Health cautions around chia seeds: mixed research results around risk of prostate cancer, may increase the risk. (not just chia seeds but any source of Alpha Linoleic Acid / plant-based Omega 3). Other cautions are for diabetics, as the high fiber content can interfere with blood sugar regulation (but if you're not diabetic, it lowers blood sugar which is great!)
chia  nutrition  cancer  vegetarian  vegan 
2 days ago by atelathehun

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