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Report: Nvidia Planning GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics Card | News & Opinion |
Unlike other GTX-branded cards which use the Pascal microarchitecture, Nvidia is going to use the new Turing microarchitecture which is currently reserved for RTX cards. The one big difference being that the 1660 Ti will not support ray tracing, therefore differentiating it from the higher end RTX models.
nvidia  graphics  rumor 
6 days ago by jasonsamuels
Nvidia's GeForce RTX 2060 Brings Ray Tracing to the Masses
The RTX 2060, unveiled at CES on Sunday, is the new "entry-level" card in the GeForce RTX lineup. (Nvidia will continue to sell lower-end cards in the existing GTX "Pascal" line.) It will go on sale Jan. 15 for $349, an appealingly low price that marks the new entry point into the fledgling world of ray tracing in video games.
nvidia  gaming  graphics  gadgetluv 
15 days ago by jasonsamuels
Investigating NVIDIA's Jetson AGX: A Look at Xavier and Its Carmel Cores
First of all, we have to describe what this actually is. The Jetson AGX is a full-fledged small form-factor computer / embedded system, with the form of the whole unit not any bigger than 105x105mm. The AGX module itself is designed to be a complete commercial off the shelf (COTS) system for use in finished products, with NVIDIA aiming it at AI (read: neural networking) centric use cases such as robotics and industrial automation. Jetson boards typically occupy the small-to-mid volume end of the market, showing up in one-off products and items with limited production runs, where it doesn't make sense for a manufacturer to develop and deploy their own custom hardware.

nvidia  jetson  arm64 
18 days ago by vielmetti
A Style-Based Generator Architecture for Generative Adversarial Networks
We propose an alternative generator architecture for
generative adversarial networks, borrowing from style
transfer literature. The new architecture leads to an automatically learned, unsupervised separation of high-level
attributes (e.g., pose and identity when trained on human
faces) and stochastic variation in the generated images
(e.g., freckles, hair), and it enables intuitive, scale-specific
control of the synthesis. The new generator improves the
state-of-the-art in terms of traditional distribution quality
metrics, leads to demonstrably better interpolation properties, and also better disentangles the latent factors of variation. To quantify interpolation quality and disentanglement,
we propose two new, automated methods that are applicable to any generator architecture. Finally, we introduce a
new, highly varied and high-quality dataset of human faces
ai  machinelearning  faces  nvidia 
19 days ago by phillmv
Classifying images with Azure Machine Learning and the ONNX ResNet50v2 model
v100  azure  nvidia  ml  ai  keras  from twitter
20 days ago by
Nouveau - ArchWiki
This article covers the open-source Nouveau driver for NVIDIA graphics cards. For information about the proprietary driver, see NVIDIA.
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20 days ago by vielmetti

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