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Why Don’t Rich People Just Stop Working? - The New York Times
“Without ambitious projects to fill space,” he added, “there is often a void that makes some of the bigger questions hard to avoid. The things you neglected are no longer drowned out by noise; they are the signal. It’s like facing the Ghost of Christmas Past.”

In a sense, it has been going on in this country for two and a half centuries. “We are a nation founded on the overthrow of kings and the idle rich, so the hustle is deeply baked into mainstream notions of what it means to be American,” said Margaret O’Mara, a history professor at the University of Washington who is a New York Times opinion contributor.

And today’s competitive personality types are unable to slow down, in part because they fear slipping from their lofty perches.
nytimes  america  culture  wealth  psychology  hustle 
10 hours ago by cmananian
How to Make Sourdough Bread - NYT Cooking
The method below will walk you through all the key steps and core concepts a first-time sourdough baker needs to bake naturally leavened bread at home with good, even great, results. You’ll need to invest in some essential equipment, find a starter, and set aside three days (though only the second requires serious tending — you can start on Friday to have loaves on Sunday). But for those dedicated to learning an age-old craft, it’s the start of a deeply rewarding journey.
bread  recipe  sourdough  cooking  nytimes 
yesterday by rsewan
New York Times commercials over the years — Quartz
It’s the newspaper’s first television commercial since 2010, but longtime readers, particularly in New York, will recall when the New York Times regularly hawked subscriptions on TV. Looking back on some of those ad campaigns from prior decades tells a certain story of the Times—how it has viewed itself and portrayed its value to readers.
nytimes  history  videos  commercial 
2 days ago by tysone
Sheet-Pan Chicken With Shallots and Grapes
This one-pan meal gets dinner on the table in no time. It's simple enough for a weeknight, but impressive enough to serve at a dinner party. Chicken thighs are quickly marinated in garlic, olive oil and za’atar, if you'd like, while the oven comes to temperature. Then, they're roasted alongside thick wedges of shallots and sweet grapes, whose flavors are gently coaxed together and given some extra love from the chicken fat as they cook. Serve straight from the sheet pan, or plate on a pretty platter. Serve with a salad of chicories dressed with lemon, olive oil, anchovies and salty Pecorino cheese.
NYTimes  cooking 
2 days ago by thomas.kochi
Save Some Popcorn for the Deal-Making Behind TV
Media companies merged to take on tech, and tech giants are producing media. Edmund Lee, a media reporter, has his eyes on what comes next.

Edmund Lee, a media reporter, has followed nearly $200 billion in mergers in the past year. “The next one — if there is to be one — will be a tech giant swallowing a media giant,” he says.
tech  mergers  giants  media  tools  outlets  control  nytimes 
2 days ago by nynate17
Conor Dougherty in the New York Times
Conor Dougherty is an economics reporter at The New York Times. His work focuses on the West Coast, real estate and wage stagnation among U.S. workers. Mr. Dougherty has covered economics and real estate on and off for a decade at both The Times and The Wall Street Journal. Before that he worked at The San Diego Union-Tribune and The Los Angeles Business Journal. He lives in Oakland, Calif., and is a Bay Area native.
Gentrification  Housing  Bay  Area  San  Francisco  Berkeley  Oakland  Homelessness  NYTimes 
3 days ago by dbourn
The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes Than You
David Leonhardt, in the NY Times: "For the first time on record, the 400 wealthiest Americans last year paid a lower total tax rate — spanning federal, state and local taxes — than any other income group, according to newly released data."
nytimes  taxes  data  dataviz  economics 
4 days ago by warnick

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