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As Sea Levels Rise, Scientists Offer a Bold Idea: Dam the North Sea - The New York Times
A proposal to build two huge barriers — one that would connect Norway to Scotland, the other France to England — was described as a warning about the urgency of the climate crisis.LONDON — One dam would stretch some 300 miles from the coast of Scotland to Norway.
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Forgive Me, My Love, for the Ice and the Sea by C.L. Clark
I promised you I was finished with the sea. I’m sorry. Apparently, she was not finished with me.
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8 days ago by alclaexman
RT : 5 days left to apply for PAID summer internships in science at in for US undergrads! Pls…
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The Deep Sea
Scroll down the deep sea and explore marine life.
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11 days ago by unavee
MOOCs are, as the acronym says, massive (between 15,000 – 50,000 people are expected to register) open online (available to anyone with an internet connection) courses (meaning that education is at the focus). The fact that “massive” also refers to the effort that goes into producing one became apparent to us once the process started.
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13 days ago by NiklasJordan
On the Ocean: The Mediterranean and the Atlantic from Prehistory to Ad 1500 by Barry W. Cunliffe
On the Ocean book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. For humans the sea is, and always has been, an alien environment. Ever moving...
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16 days ago by dbassendine

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