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Standing Start
A unique insight into a champion’s adrenaline and drive as he trains for the Olympics. Maclean’s heroic cycling is set against the story of Odysseus, creating a heart-stoppingly rich portrayal of man.
‘Man, a being in search of meaning.’
Craig MacLean powers his bike at over 40mph, over a distance of 250m from a standing start. ‘Know yourself Odysseus – for a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories’. Taking you right into the blood, sweat and tears of the sportsman: remember to exhale after watching.
video  cycling  odysseus  olympics 
january 2014 by colm.mcmullan
The Shell Game
Summary: The oldest trick in the book teaches a young one.
Rating: Mature
gen  methos/odysseus  crossover  highlander/odyssey  odyssey  highlander  odysseus  methos  !fanfic 
february 2012 by indramiel
The Odyssey Rap by Flocabulary
A REAL GEM! The Odyssey Rap by Flocabulary #homer #tale #Greek #Odysseus #literary #edchat
edchat  Greek  literary  homer  Odysseus  tale  rtoa 
march 2011 by sharnon007
There are no new stories, only new tellers. (Or: Athena Ballerina!)
greco-roman.mythology  telemachus  odysseus  athena 
december 2009 by theladyscribe
Puppy Odysseus
Get your RDA of surreality right here. [via @mattymatt]
cartoon  youtube  video  funny  animals  puppy  odysseus 
march 2009 by seldo

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