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do I need to make coffee for coworkers when I don't drink it... — Ask a Manager
For the comments about the first question. “The British obsession around tea/coffee making, hierarchy and passive aggressiveness really knows no bounds in some workplaces.”
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20 days ago by philgyford
Here's Proof That Office Layout Doesn't Affect Productivity
Using the DeskTime time-tracking and productivity app, I examined people working in three different environments: an open office, a closed-space office, and a cubicle. It turns out that working in a closed office leads to just 4% more productivity than working in an open office (89.3% vs. 85.8%).

But here's the kicker: the most productive setup (91.1%) of the trio was the bane of every modern worker’s existence—the dreaded cubicle.
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may 2019 by pozorvlak

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