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After Babel: Designing for Community
There are countless brilliant students who need the opportunity of school.
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10 days ago by bonni208
5 surprising leading indicators of student success disparities | EAB
We uncovered over 100 barriers to equitable student outcomes through literature review, research interviews, and analysis of student success data. Some of the disparities were well-known, but below we have highlighted five of the most surprising.
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6 weeks ago by bonni208
There is a new paradigm for thinking about the purpose of . Vote for my panel to learn key…
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10 weeks ago by tolkien
ERIC - EJ1179659 - Engagement Matters: Student Perceptions on the Importance of Engagement Strategies in the Online Learning Environment, Online Learning, 2018-Mar
Student engagement increases student satisfaction, enhances student motivation to learn, reduces the sense of isolation, and improves student performance in online courses. This survey-based research study examines student perception on various engagement strategies used in online courses based on Moore's interaction framework. One hundred and fifty-five students completed a 38-item survey on learner-to-learner, learner-to-instructor, and learner-to-content engagement strategies. Lea...
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june 2019 by bonni208

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