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Publications | Free Full-Text | Enhancing Institutional Publication Data Using Emergent Open Science Services
he UK open access (OA) policy landscape simultaneously preferences Gold publishing models (Finch Report, RCUK, COAF) and Green OA through repository usage (HEFCE), creating the possibility of confusion and duplication of effort for academics and support staff. Alongside these policy developments, there has been an increase in open science services that aim to provide global data on OA. These services often exist separately to locally managed institutional systems for recording OA engagement and ...
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5 hours ago by marlened
Impact of Social Sciences – Announcing LSE Press – a new open access publishing platform for the social sciences
LSE Press launches today, the latest in a succession of new university press initiatives and one that will support the development of high-quality, academic-led, open access publications in the social sciences. Kieran Booluck provides details of the first LSE Press journal and outlines plans for the press to pursue more innovative publications and experiment with new types of content.
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4 days ago by kfraser
Looks like that may be it for Elsevier in Sweden. . Elsevier "will not give access to new subscription-…
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5 days ago by ceptional
Another reason we need . Wikipedia, wikimedia can only use images and other bits from open-access (CC-B…
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5 days ago by ceptional
Why the term 'Article Processing Charge' (APC) is misleading - Green Tea and Velociraptors
The term ‘article processing charge’, or APC, is ubiquitous in discussions about Open Access. It refers to the author-facing charge levied by many publishers in order to make an article freely available on their website. Now, putting aside the fact that this system actively discriminates against less-wealthy authors and institutes, I think that the term APC itself is incredibly misleading. Furthermore, I believe that this misdirection occurs in favour of publishers, to the detriment of all other...
apc  openaccess  costs  coûts 
10 days ago by marlened
Where’s Waldo with Public Access Links | Research Remix
Billet sur le signalement largement insuffisant des articles en open acces sur les plateformes des éditeurs : liens peu visibles, peu explicites (exemples) - et on voudrait leur confier les infrastructures de l'open science ?
openaccess  accessibilité  signalement 
11 days ago by marlened
Shadow Libraries | The MIT Press
Even as middle- and low-income countries expand their higher education systems, their governments are retreating from responsibility for funding and managing this expansion. The public provision of educational materials in these contexts is rare; instead, libraries, faculty, and students are on their own to get what they need. Shadow Libraries explores the new ecosystem of access, charting the flow of educational and research materials from authors to publishers to libraries to students, and fro...
openaccess  ecosystem  pirate  access  south 
11 days ago by marlened
To fix scholarly publishing, decouple credentialing from publishing
Unlike practically every other publishing industry (movies, music, etc.), the price of scholarly publishing has only increased with the advent of the internet.
The major scholarly publishers report profit margins of 30–40%, year after year. These numbers are typical (or even at the high end) of luxury brands — in other words, of exclusive goods, which are not inclusive by definition.
openaccess  credentialing  branding  reputation 
11 days ago by marlened
GitHub - ryregier/OAcounts: Enter a Journal ISSN and a year and this python program will tell you how many DOIs from that year have an open access version
Un outil pour repérer le nombre d'articles en OA dans une revue (d'après son ISSN). Demande l'installation de python, mais mode d'emploi fourni.
openaccess  journals  issn  repérage 
11 days ago by marlened
Library Collection Development in the Era of Open Access and Article Sharing | A Way of Happening
I don’t think library users should be reliant on the library. Yes, I think the library will always be an important place for discovering important and relevant research, but it should not be the only place. As teachers and librarians we should be training our users to be critical, independent researchers who are reliant on open resources. So that when they leave our institution and no longer have access to our library (as so many students do) they still know how to find scholarly literature and ...
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11 days ago by marlened
Team was pleased to participate in today’s most excellent exploration of research funder poli…
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13 days ago by mozillascience

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