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RT : 35 years old security bug found in scp client. It comes with multiple vulnerabilities.
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4 days ago by briantrice
OpenBSD Router |
This Setup Guide explains how to create a powerful router by installing and configuring OpenBSD on suitable hardware.
8 days ago by alexmel
Spleen - Monospaced bitmap fonts -
Spleen started as a personal challenge. Patrick Wildt (patrick@) recently imported ssdfb(4), a driver for small OLED displays in OpenBSD and needed a 5x8 font to be able to squeeze more columns and rows on those devices.

As someone spending most of his time in a terminal, I have been thinking about drawing my own font for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity.
unix  openbsd  terminal  fonts 
9 days ago by ssorc
What are OpenBSD system requirements? : openbsd
Icewm was a suggestion, I prefer cwm. About web browsing, dillo with the opera mini 4 user agent in the config file (look It up in Google) is the best you can get.
10 days ago by martz

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