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Upcase by thoughtbot | Learn Web Development Online
Join Upcase by thoughtbot. Explore video tutorials, exercises, forum discussions and the community you need to grow as a web developer.
Rails  javascript  opencourseware  ruby  programming  vim  courses  learning  dev 
march 2019 by AlanRalph
RT : I've updated the on exercises manual to version 3.4 and tested it for 3.4.1. It wor…
QGIS  OpenCourseWare  from twitter_favs
november 2018 by rukku
OCW Educator: Instructor Insights | MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials
Many MIT instructors share their teaching approaches in a special section of their OCW courses, called “Instructor Insights.” In this section, you’ll find instructors discussing topics of interest to practicing teachers, such as course design, active learning, and engaging learners. You’ll also find course-specific information and infographics on the following topics to help you map the materials to your own curriculum
mit  owc  opencourseware  educator  instructor  insights 
july 2018 by gdw
OCW Educator | MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials
OCW Educator helps education professionals navigate the vast library of openly licensed MIT teaching materials available on MIT OpenCourseWare. Explore Instructor Insights to discover how MIT instructors teach with these materials on campus, and freely select and adapt their explanations, examples, and simulations to help concepts come to life in your own classroom.
mit  opencourseware  owc  educator  portal  teaching  insights  itp  wpd 
july 2018 by gdw

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