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Songbird: Spatial Audio Encoding on the Web | songbird
Songbird is a real-time spatial audio encoding JavaScript library for WebAudio applications. It allows web developers to dynamically spatially-encode streaming audio content into scalable ambisonics signal, which is rendered internally using Omnitone to output stereo sound, for realistic and quality-scalable 3D audio.
3d  audio  javascript  opensource 
yesterday by jpinnix
python-based music server
python  raspberrypi  music  audio  opensource 
yesterday by jshwlkr
Interface font family
free sans serif designed for small UI usage
opensource  fonts  free  ui  design 
yesterday by inrgbwetrust
Sync and encrypt to cloud services. Under development 2017-08-22
sync  Software  encryption  opensource  freeware 
yesterday by wellsa
SynoCommunity provides packages for Synology-branded NAS devices.
synology  nas  opensource  software  community 
yesterday by keimlink

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