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OpenMetrics project accepted into CNCF Sandbox | Google Open Source Blog
For the past several months, engineers from Google Cloud, Prometheus, and other vendors have been aligning on OpenMetrics, a specification for metrics exposition. Today, the project was formally announced and accepted into the CNCF Sandbox, and we’re currently working on ways to support OpenMetrics in OpenCensus, a set of uniform tracing and stats libraries that work with multiple vendors’ services. This multi-vendor approach works to put architectural choices in the hands of developers.
OpenMetrics stems from the stats formats used inside of Prometheus and Google’s Monarch time-series infrastructure, which underpins both Stackdriver and internal monitoring applications. As such, it is designed to be immediately familiar to developers and capable of operating at extreme scale. With additional contributions and review from AppOptics, Cortex, Datadog, InfluxData, Sysdig, and Uber, OpenMetrics has begun the cross-industry collaboration necessary to drive adoption of a new specification.
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yesterday by janpeuker
Take back control of your videos

A decentralized video hosting network, based on free/libre software
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yesterday by chrisbuchholz
RT : You look at Cloud Foundry service list and you realize how contributes to projects…
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Gary Sherman of QGIS
Interview with the founder of the open source GIS tool
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yesterday by nelson
Build impossible programs - Julia Evans
Cool effort - she wasn't an expert, but she got a grant to fund a 3-month effort and built a profiler for Rust.
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yesterday by mcherm

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