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Cumulus Networks - Web-scale networking for bare-metal switches
Web-scale networking for bare-metal switches. Bringing web-scale networking to enterprise cloud.
networking  Linux  opensource  hardware  operating-systems 
2 days ago by liqweed
osdetector-gradle-plugin - Gradle plugin that detects the OS name & architecture
A Gradle plugin that detects the OS name and architecture, providing a uniform classifier to be used in the names of native artifacts. By Google.
Gradle  operating-systems  opensource  build  plugin  Google 
19 days ago by liqweed
tuhdo/os01: Bootstrap yourself to write an OS from scratch. A book for self-learner.
This book helps you gain the foundational knowledge required to write an operating system from scratch. Hence the title, 0 to 1.

After completing this book, at the very least you will learn:

How to write an operating system from scratch by reading hardware datasheets. In the real world, it works like that. You won't be able to consult Google for a quick answer.
book  coding  programming  operating-systems 
20 days ago by dangeranger

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