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“George Bush was more comfortable in his own skin, in a way that he could be more of himself sitting in that seat. And that is what everybody is looking for, whether it’s television or politics or business,” Oprah tells WBEZ’s Jenn White. “Who you decide to align yourself with is the person who feels most like the truth to you. Either you feel it or you don’t.”
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10 days ago by JohnDrake
(1) Edye Cheeseman - Edye Cheeseman shared LaTasha Levy's post.
She went on to mention Recy Taylor and the four WHITE men who brutally raped her with impunity and Rosa Parks who advocated for Taylor long before she sat her ass down on a bus. (which a bunch of y'all woke folks didn't know, be honest.) And y'all got a nerve to drag her for invoking Taylor? The power in that story is that Oprah not only forced the white men in that audience to face their history of savage behavior, she also scolded white women for their complicity, silence and the way they have ignored Black women's experiences with sexual assault and harassment. Oprah further underscored this when she repeatedly mentioned domestic workers, the Black women, like her mother, (like Viola's mother, like most of our moms and grandmothers), who survived white racial terror on many fronts, including the threat of sexual violence by white men and either contempt or apathy from white women.

And when she connected Black women's experiences to #MeToo she was not affirming white feminists! You have to be dumb, deaf and blind if you are STILL claiming #MeToo is a white women's movement, after white women have been called out for coopting Tarana Burke's work. Tarana, a fierce Black woman, started the Me Too campaign years ago in defense of women and girls. And you know that shit by now, right? How could you not? Tarana was in the audience. What Oprah did with that speech was to recenter Black women who have long suffered the savagery of white men. It was a moment that called out both white men and white women on their shit. It was laced with shade.
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10 days ago by Quercki
People are completely missing the point of Oprah’s amazing Golden Globes speech.
But what Winfrey and Obama talk about is the limits of top-down power. It is one of the great sins of this celebrity age that we continue to misread this message as a call to turn anyone who tries to deliver it into our savior. When someone tells you “I alone can fix it,” you should run screaming for the emergency exits. When someone tells you to get off your ass and fix it yourself, you should think first about running for office yourself.

Since the 2016 election, the cry one hears constantly from the left is “who will lead us?” But Democrats should have learned more than they have from November’s stunning electoral successes in Virginia. The lesson should have been that extraordinary and unknown candidates, including inspired and inspiring first-timers, could win elections without fame or fanfare.

Maybe it’s destined that nobody will ever again be elected president who doesn’t have a billion-dollar media brand behind them. But the speech I heard last night was about using a billion-dollar media brand to remind young women of color that they, too, have the power to save us all.
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14 days ago by yolandaenoch
ICYMI: The speech by at the 2018 : gave me goosebumps, left me in tears, swelled my heart.…
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14 days ago by waterprise2

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