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As Veterinary Bills Add Up, More Pet Owners Opt for Insurance - WSJ
As Veterinary Bills Add Up, More Pet Owners Opt for Insurance
As  Veterinary  Bills  Add  Up  More  Pet  Owners  Opt  for  Insurance  wsj 
24 days ago by kilroy2
[AT&T Fiber] ATT is replacing BGW210 for a 5268AC - AT&T U-verse | DSLReports Forums
AT&T Dumb Switch Router Setup

1) Define your gateway's mac on the wan port of whatever router you want to use (asus, netgear, etc). WAN connectivity should be via dhcp.

2) I'm using a simple dumb switch (dlink DGS-1005G, $10-20 on ebay/amazon) to handle ONT/RGW/Router connectivity.

2a) With everything from a fully off state, allow the ONT to register (~2 min) the fiber connection first. During this time there's nothing but fiber and power plugged into the ONT.

2b) Connect ONT's ethernet port to one port of the dumb switch.

2c) Connect the wan port of the RGW to another port on the dumb switch.

2d) Connect power to the RGW

3) Wait 1-2 minutes for both lights to become solid green on the RGW.

4) You can now power down and disconnect the RGW from the dumb switch.

5) Connect your router's WAN port to the dumb switch. Turn the router on.

6) Within a minute or less it should acquire the same IP, gateway and DNS as the gateway had.

7) Enjoy

ONT reregistration will only be necessary if power to the ONT or dumb switch is disrupted. In that case, repeat steps 2b-5.

I've tested the above successfully with an asus rt-ac68u (with merlin's software), and sophos utm. The latter which I've been running now for almost a year.

Caveats: You will not get ipv6. For that, one needs pfsense with more customization (GUID's defined and some other settings). At this point I don't care enough about ipv6to bother.

Your RGW's firmware will not be updated when new firmware rolls out. I see this as a positive.

This configuration is unsupported by att and you'll be on your own for any troubleshooting.
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march 2019 by crittlet

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