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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Compiled and Vectorized Queries But Were Afraid to Ask
ract—Online programming discussion platforms such as
Stack Overflow serve as a rich source of information for software
developers. Available information include vibrant discussions
and oftentimes ready-to-use code snippets. Previous research
identified Stack Overflow as one of the most important information sources developers rely on. Anecdotes report that
software developers copy and paste code snippets from those
information sources for convenience reasons. Such behavior
results in a constant flow of community-provided code snippets
into production software. To date, the impact of this behaviour
on code security is unknown.
We answer this highly important question by quantifying
the proliferation of security-related code snippets from Stack
Overflow in Android applications available on Google Play.
Access to the rich source of information available on Stack
Overflow including ready-to-use code snippets provides huge
benefits for software developers. However, when it comes to
code security there are some caveats to bear in mind: Due
to the complex nature of code security, it is very difficult to
provide ready-to-use and secure solutions for every problem.
Hence, integrating a security-related code snippet from Stack
Overflow into production software requires caution and expertise.
Unsurprisingly, we observed insecure code snippets being copied
into Android applications millions of users install from Google
Play every day.
To quantitatively evaluate the extent of this observation, we
scanned Stack Overflow for code snippets and evaluated their
security score using a stochastic gradient descent classifier. In
order to identify code reuse in Android applications, we applied
state-of-the-art static analysis. Our results are alarming: 15.4%
of the 1.3 million Android applications we analyzed, contained
security-related code snippets from Stack Overflow. Out of these
97.9% contain at least one insecure code snippet.
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6 days ago by jabley
Why is my site not showing in Startpage Search? How can I improve my website’s search engine rankings? - Support
[...] we have created this quick guide to understanding website rankings. Here we will cover how to check a site’s indexing on and share general tips on how to improve site rankings. We will also discuss how to avoid actions that result in website ranking penalties or de-indexing for cause.
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9 days ago by ezequiel
Optimize Images for Web - KeyCDN
not only about image compression tools and techniques but also image naming for SEO
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11 days ago by piperh
Minify Your SVGs -
short piece about minifying svg's - only interesting for showing the minimum necessary code needed to render an svg. No viewbox etc
webdesign  web  design  svg  optimise  optimisation  code  performance  webdev 
25 days ago by piperh
How to use Google Keyword Planner without Credit card info
Blog article that steps through how to get around entering credit card info to use Google Keyword Planner
Keyword  planner  google  SEO  search  engine  optimisation 
5 weeks ago by pciszewski

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